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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


You can still enter the Miraclebody Jeans contest!

This summer we went to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. It was my first time there, and I spent all my time on the main floor with my younger kids (didn't get to go upstairs, where I hear there's a helicopter among other things). I think it's a great place to spend time. Kids can really stretch and exercise their imaginations at this well-thought out hands-on museum. You know . . . Discover.

Discover where the ball will go when you put it in this hole.

Discover how nice it is to use a wheelbarrow your own size.

Discover how it feels to dress like a builder.

Discover how easy it is to take over the job from your brother.

Discover the getaway truck.

Discover the climbing wall.

Discover the dress-ups in the little-little kids' area.

Discover what it's like to sit atop a nest.

Discover that you don't like to sit on fake horses.

Discover that the wee couch fits juuuust fine.

Discover that sometimes that boy will steal the toys right out of your hand.

Discover important principles of water (sure).

Discover a horse that won't make Mommy sneeze.

Discover a perfectly sized hideout.

Discover the ingredients.

Discover the soup.

Discover utensils.

Discover the fridge.

Discover delicious.

Discover how to turn on the light for the mice in their home.

Discover your kids taking pictures of each other.

Discover ice cream as a perfect post-museum treat.


sue-donym said...

Discover that your kids get cuter everytime I see them. Yes!

Steph said...

I LOVE the Discovery Gateway... my kids unfortunately aren't as enthused with it anymore. Stupid kids... growing up and stuff.

{natalie} said...

love that your baby wears a scarf. she is so hip and cute! i love that museum and think it's pretty awesome.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I have never been there before. Apparently, I'm a pretty boring mom. But now that I see all your cute pictures and happy kids, I will definitely have to discover it myself!

alexis said...

my kids love that place so much. and i love the fact that i can feel like a good mom for taking them somewhere educational, and then go shopping after.

~j. said...

nat, my oldest dressed my youngest that day, did her hair, the works. she loves to do that.

bernthis said...

clearly fun was had by ALMOST all ;)

Rynell said...

We went there a couple of weekends ago. Fun fun! And my youngest enjoyed some of the upstairs stuff just as much as my big kids.

Melody said...

Looks like my grand daughter will be discovering a car ride to Salt Lake City with her Nana soon!

Darling photos. Thanks for the discovery. I really can't wait!