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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear blog friends, my apologies for being away for nearly a week and a half. I've been using the time to soak up the last moments of summer with my family. I realize that the phrase The End Of Summer is merely a technicality, however, and I'm using it because my children have returned to their schooling schedules. Today I'm waddling around like a bruised and hugely pregnant woman - which I am not - due to whatever it was exactly that my trainer had me doing yesterday. YeeeeOUCH. And today I keep dosing off whilst trying to read my brand new copy of Mockingjay -- and you know, I actually don't read all that much because when I do? I ignore all else going on around me. My son has peanut butter smeared all over the front of his shirt; how it got on the back of his shirt, I'll never know.

See you tomorrow!


Emily said...

I do the same when reading--everything else gets ignored. Kids go unfed, unbathed, un-pretty much everything!

Steph said...

I plan on ignoring my family this whole night and finishing Mockingjay... let them eat cake. Except we don't have cake. So let them eat saltines.