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Monday, August 02, 2010

monday funday

Hello, Dear Readers.

It's been quite a weekend, no?

On Friday my throat decided, on the left side, to hurt. By Saturday morning, the hurt had spread, but I dragged my pounding head in for a visit to Trista, my Eyebrow Doctor (so worth it, every, every time). Upon arriving home, I crawled into bed and did my best to not move.

My bedroom is at least 25 degrees hotter than the rest of my house.

And with blankets on, I was fuh-reezing.

I had a fever, sweat, chills, the Whole Nine. Also, Guilt for not being able to help my new neighbor move in next door. I did attempt to look like I was helping but ended up just walking around in a sweaty haze.

After a nap, I peeled myself out of bed to attend a wedding in Lehi -- what a beautiful reunion it was. While at the reception, my friend Book said, "If there's one thing that's Signature Jenny Noonan Eckton, it's fresh breath. You always have gum." I like that. She's right, I always have gum. I should not snap it as much as I do, but I've always got it.

After the reception, I dined with friends at communal (my favorite) and nearly choked on a potato, which is what I get for being so braggy about my trip.

Saturday night was a crapfest of little sleep and more soreness and fever, so I bowed out of my church responsibilities and stayed home on Sunday for more fuzzy-headed wandering. I did get to visit next-door for a while, trying to keep my distance so as to not pass along any sickness. Late last night I went to Walker's and bought some ice cream. It was kind of gross.

This morning (after another crazy night of not only Little Sleep but also Screaming Boy) I went to the doctor. Strep. That's the second time this summer. So I got a shot (again) and am taking some medicines. Already I feel better -- better enough to go to Mindy's concert tonight, and better enough to finish packing for my trip.

Also, as if you needed reminding, it's Shark Week.

I was you have a favorite post of mine? I know I must have asked this before, but with over 5 years of archives, I'm wondering what kind of posts you, my readers, enjoy.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

So sorry about your strep. You're a trooper, I would have just stayed in bed!

Gerb said...

I am not sure what Shark Week means. But my favorite posts are the ones where you tell stories and the ones that make me think.

amy said...

sorry you are sick. you'd better get better so that you can enjoy blogher to the fullest. rest up and feel better.

Chad said...

You sure stay busy when you're sick. Get well asap. About that shot...I got one a couple weeks ago for the same thing. I usually prefer the shot. But this time it KILLED for days!!! (and I should've realized this when it took 2 nurses to give it- one was training...) Poor little wounded haunch -o'-mine. Well, not quite so little, but ever so sore. How is yours? Isn't strep a fabulous way to top off a weekend? ; )

leschornmom said...

Hi Jenny, I'm sorry you had such a rough week end. I wanted to let you know that I was very interested when I read your first post about your surgery! I thought that you had just made the descision. I was planning on following you as you lived it. I had no idea you'd already gone through it! Good for you! I would LOVE to have something done with all the extra skin I have hanging off of me because of my pregnancy with the twins! I guess my question would be. Was it worth it to you? I'm not being a jerk. I really want to know. It sounds like it was. But would you do it all again... knowing how much pain you were in?

Any way, I am glad that you recovered well! Hope to hear more from you soon!

wendysue said...

Ugh. . .strep again? Are you trying to be like me last year? That stuff does not mess around. Eat a whole box of Otter pops and watch some bad tv. I hope it's finished with you now!

P.s. I just read through all your surgery posts. Truly a brave woman, and so glad you were able to get some good results and most of all feel like yourself again!!