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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Megan, Megan, Bella, Paul

YES, you are right. My blog does look different. Newer. Better. Thanks to magician Megan Romo for reading my mind and putting it on the internets. Please notice the buttons in the banner: this is where you'll find so many things which were previously crowding my previously single sidebar. (Dear Aunt Minnie: if you want to find NieNie's blog, just go to my links button and you'll see her button. Love you!)


My daughter's project, Dwellings For The Displaced now has two additional drop-off points in the state of Utah: one on Foothill Drive in Salt Lake, and one in St. George. In other words, now you can drop off your tents & tarps at ANY Sweet Tooth Fairy location. (Thanks, Megan!)


U haz funnest times laffing wif a vampiors.


Also, see:


Kalli said...

oooh is niiice!

Geo said...

So beautifully awkward. AWESOME. I love you, Chris Farley.

sue-donym said...

Love the new look, hottie!!

I have grabbed my head and said "stupid" at least weekly since I first saw this.

Have a FABULOUS time tonight! So SO jealous.

Joanna Wilson said...

one of the best "celebrity" interviews ever

John Gibson said...

I love it.

Aunt Minnie said...

Jenn love the new look, thanks for remembering me for Nie's Nie's blog. I like reading yours first then Nie Nie's. Hope you have a good night Jenn Luv ya Aunt Minnie

Steph said...

I am pretty jealous of your blog design right now. Super RAD!

Shar said...

Very, very nice!

I don't like cats (or any animals for that matter), but that was funny.

Good ol' Chris Farley skit. Love it.