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Friday, June 04, 2010

#CBC10, day 2

I was so excited to get on with the day, I washed my face, put on my clothes and makeup . . . and hat. Earlier this spring, when I opened up my birthday gift from Azu'car and found a hat, I thought, "How delightful!" and then, "When will I ever get to wear this?" CBC turned me into a grownup (kindof), y'alls, and so my day had come.

I registered and browsed the vendors, mingled, and participated in the welcoming classes. Sarah Kimmel had so much to teach, I could hardly take it all in, but what I did, I was able to, and in a way I could comprehend, which is no small feat for someone as technologically impaired as myself. Having skipped breakfast I needed lunch at an earlier time, and shortly found myself in Loralee's car, along with Kim and Monica, and we went to Chipotle. Mmmm...burrito.

I don't really remember much after lunch, only that later I found myself at the hotel and made the executive decision to eat an early dinner (to match my early lunch) at the hotel's restaurant, and that the salad was excellent. Even more excellent was the company and the introduction to Jessica, who is, youguys, the funniest.

Bass & amp in the car, I drove back to the conference where Mindy was warming up. Ryan plugged me in (yay! don't have to set up my own amp!) and we ran through the song a couple of times. Mindy puts on a fantastic show, you know. I'll be honest: I was disappointed that so many were talking so loudly during her show; I found it rather rude and very inconsiderate. Even so, Mindy showed class and elegance in her performance, as always.

Following Mindy, Cameron Rafati took center stage, and was quite enjoyable. During his show Kristina and I had an in-depth conversation with Jessica about what Mormons believe, a conversation that may or may not have included the mentioning of chastity belts (Kristina!).

And though I didn't get to participate in karaoke that night (best tweet of that night: "So, 12 Mormons, 3 Christians, and a non-practicing Jew walk into a bar . . ."), I did get to sing with Mindy. YOU GUYS. I GOT TO SING WITH MINDY GLEDHILL.

What? What's that? You want to see how it went? Mmmkay.

Thanks to Camille for that video.


Kristina P. said...

I wish I had been there to watch you play, but I'm glad you caught it on video!

I wasn't up there, so I don't know how loudly the talking was. It's a tough thing to balance, considering it was also billed as a social, you know.

Off to put on my chastity belt now.

sue-donym said...

So wait. You were talking to Jessica DURING Christian's performance?

I wanna see you in the hat.

~j. said...


Here's the deal:

Yes, it was billed as a social. But the performers were told that they would be Center Stage, not background music, which made the situation during Mindy's performance discouraging. Cameron's music was amplified so as to FILL the place with music. He couldn't have heard my conversation with Jessica if I were two feet in front of him, yelling it. You'd talk full-voice to someone during a concert, but not at a coffee house performance.


Jennifer said...

You are so talented . . . sounded so beautiful!

leschornmom said...

great job! I wish I had been there. It sounds like a blast!

cw said...

yay you! and i'm with sue--i wanna see you in the hat!

Emily said...

You really did wonderfully that night! And I too thought all that talking was truly inconsiderate, but Mindy handled it with class (no surprise there). My favorite part was watching those ladies in the front rock out to Cameron's music. Now THAT put a big smile on my face!

{natalie} said...

yeah where is the hat picture?

and cool that you got to jam with mindy. you are awesome.

sue-donym said...


Unknown said...

wish i could have been there. you are a talented lady. i swear i missed some pretty amazing stuff while putting my lil' guy to bed. =(

Carrot Jello said...

First of all, I like your little jazz hands wave. That was cute.
And, from what I could hear, it was very nice.
I got goosebumps.
Good job.

Jones said...

I actually warned Cameron that there would be a lot of socializing at a gig like this. I am glad that Mindy asked for an intimate setting though, so ppl who wanted to be front and center for Cameron's show could be also :)

Why didn't I get a picture with you at dinner to add to my Popular by Association pics? Hmmm :( Next time lol :)

Pamela said...

Love it! Wish I lived in closer so I could've attended!