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Friday, May 07, 2010


Thanks for your comments of support, y'all. I think I've pinpointed the problem, and now I can take a breath and move on. Thank you.

Wednesday night I went to the Beehive Bazaar, held this time at its new location at Thanksgiving Point, providing a larger space from which to vend, as well as a closer location for those from Norther counties and such. Also, good freeway access for those coming from any direction. Since I went opening night, I paid for admission, but it was worth it for me (the remaining days of the bazaar are without entry fee). I went with my awesome friend Kristen and my new friend Metta, and we saw Gina and met The Salty Pineapple. I wrote a haiku about our get-together:

Rockabilly band,
Reconstructive surgery,
Just pray about it.

The bazaar, as always, has top-notch vendors. I happen to be drawn to paper-goods and jams, and I certainly got my fill of both (strawberry basil jam, how i love thee). I saw Susan (go look! She posted a picture!), who is so kind, I adore her products, and I always like getting to chat with her, AND I got to meet the so-cool Melissa. Raquel has fantastic hand-crafted goods for sale -- really, I hope you're able to make it to the bazaar today or tomorrow. If you do, or if you've already gone, let me know what you liked!

Have a great weekend!


Emily said...

I wanted to go last time and couldn't make it, and now I can't make it this weekend. I am SO bummed!

JMarie said...

I went on Thursday afternoon and was in love with just about everything. I got Chico Waldo an awesome vinyl bib. I think I will go back tomorrow sans child and husband to shop for myself.