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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

hi it's wednesday hi

1. It's never too late (in life, not in the day) to start exercising.
2. Learn foreign languages.
3. Add color.
4. Know how to style your own hair, and know how to style your kids' hair.
5. Buy the soft toilet paper.
6. The smell of clean laundry will calm me every time.
7. Grill your salmon.
8. Steam your vegetables.
9. Attend live theater.
10. Keep your table clear and clean.
11. Sometimes you choose friends but they won't choose you.
12. Recycle.
13. Be persistently kind.
14. Know how to swim.
15. Reply to emails within 2 days.
16. Support a cause.
17. Have a favorite book.
18. Write and send thank-you notes.
19. Keep stamps in your wallet.
20. Listen.
21. Be agreeable even if especially when you don't agree.
22. Have a favorite pen.
23. A box of tissues and a clock in each room.
24. Establish credit and be in control of it.
25. Be a Mac and a PC.
26. Know a dozen hymns by heart.
27. Smell great.
28. When returning a plate, include cookies.
29. Know how to check the oil and tire pressure.
30. Always have at least one complete Nice Outfit clean, pressed, and ready to go.
31. Pray.
32. Trust.
33. And don't forget the sunscreen.


Lisa said...

34. you're awesome!

b. said...

Happy Birthday!

See Mom Smile said...

Great list. And it's okay to blog like no one is watching!

La Yen said...

Happy Birthday! You are one of my most important tender mercies. I love you!

Will you establish and control my credit for me?

C. Jane Kendrick said...

That is thirty three years of sound wisdom folks.

Jewels said...

I love this. Love you, love the list, love sunscreen, love this. Love YOU. Happy Birthday!!

Naomi said...

Happy Birthday!!

Melissa LeVesque said...

Happy birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for helping out my family when we really needed it. It was several years ago; however, I never did thank you.

ray-ray says said...

I might have to print this out.

Happy Birthday to you.

Vern said...

Anyone who can do #13 and #30 at the same time get extra points from me.

sue-donym said...

Wise words. I have a testimony of #27.

Carina said...


Wow, that was a little loud. Seriously, Phread, happy-happy.

Kalli said...

I always steam my vegetables.

I love you. feliz cumpleanos!

Rynell said...

Hooray--happy birthday. I ate a sundae for you on your birthday. You share a birthday w/ my oldest daughter. Very cool. :)

Cheeseboy said...

Like the blog. Great stuff. I have a favorite pen, but I can never find it. I get a new favorite pen and I can never find that one. My favorite pen lasts about a week.

12 hymns? Do children's hymns count? If not, I have a ways to go.