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Friday, March 19, 2010

vegas day 4

Sunday morning we all got to work packing up our things. I mentioned to the ladies that although we had a goal of getting home at a time that would require that we hit the road immediately, I'd rather take advantage of getting another great meal in the city than stop at Sonic or whatever, and they agreed. We checked out of the hotel and headed, once again, to France, where the lines for buffets reach Germany. We opted for a bakery or creperie (sp?) and sat in a common area to enjoy our breakfast.

At the point where I finished my crepe with spinach and mushrooms and whatnot, Azu'car had left her seat to do a bit of last-minute shopping and a nice lady approached us to ask if she could sit with us. As she got settled I tried to figure out how to go about attacking my dessert crepe (yes, I ordered two -- I had no idea how ginormous they are), but I just felt so full; I took two bites and sat back. I asked the woman what brought her to Vegas and she told us that she was speaking at a conference for personal trainers, and her topic, her specialty, is eating disorders. Consequently, I then took a third bite of my crepe and pushed the plate away, proclaiming to be full. The Nice Woman eyed me, "You hardly had any of that." I told her it was my second one, and she nodded and finished her breakfast of grapes and melon.

As we drove away from the city, into that tiny corner of Arizona, up the canyon and into the red rocks of Southern Utah, I evaluated my experience:

~ The way some people talked about Vegas, I thought it would be a filthy, filthy place. As in, you couldn't walk any where without stepping on papers advertising strippers. I didn't find that to be the case at all.

~ Having gotten ample warning about not accepting papers from people on the street, again, I had an image in my mind of people yelling, following people until they'd accept a wee flier in their hand. Again, not the case. The men stand in a line on the sidewalk and make a little clicking noise with their cards, but it's not difficult, or even out of the ordinary, to simply ignore them.

~ Vegas is kind of EPCOT, innit.

~ Head's up, Cafe Rio! Cedar City's has a DRIVE-THRU! Take note and apply to West Provo.

~ Turns out, not where but who you're with that really matters.

And now, courtesy of Sue-do, some final pictures:

Awesome ceiling. I don't remember where this was.

Me, doing Benny & Joon at the German restaurant.

Family picture at the Chinese gardens at the Bellagio.

Looking out over the city the first night.

The, ahem, Other Club we went to the first night.

This umbrella display was so, so beautiful.

German band from dinner the first night

Blue light-up floor from the first night.

For la yen. On its side on purpose. It's how we do.


Deena said...

Your trip with good friends sounds amazing.

And I would like one of each crepe. Thanks.

Carina said...

The ceiling picture is at the Hofbrauhaus the first night.

Billy Jean.

vanessa said...

I guess I need to try Vegas again! I really did see nasty papers flying everywhere!

La Yen said...


Also, you totally have an eating disorder.

Word verification: pleemish.

Shar said...

That crepe place is better than the buffet. Shorter lines and you get crepes at the buffet anyways.

So fun!

Amy Hackworth said...

Ok, I'm all caught up on your trip to Vegas. FUN! I think you ate better than we did. Actually, I'm sure of it. And jealous. How fun to go with your friends. What a great break. Thank you for referring me to the blog for the full report. You're cool, Jenny.