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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

me on the side

Let's take a minute and talk about a few of the newer things on my sidebar, shall we?

~ CBC Buttons

The first one is where you can click and be taken to the site for the Casual Blogger Conference -- click on it to register, to see the agenda, to plan a fun weekend for yourself in May.

The second one lets you know that, yes, I will be one of the speakers at CBC. I am so, so excited about this -- more about this next week.

~ Formspring button

This is new-ish. I'm just trying to get a grasp as to why we need so many forums to discuss things and connect (since, you know, we have blogs & comments and twitter and email and texts and, oh yeah, voices), but I think this one is rather neat-o. Just as the button says, you ask away. Whatever you'd like. Anonymous or not. Q&A. Neat and tidy, like a list. I like it. Try it.

~ My button

It's for YOU. Take it.

~ Copyright

Stealing's against the law.

~ Blog archive

Please to take a stroll. Do remember, though, that since I went from being a dot-blogspot to a dot-com, all my comments have disappeared (don't remind me, *sniff*).

~ Buttons, buttons, I've got the buttons

Showing you that I'm a Mormon, and I write stuff, and some blogs I like, including where to find an awesome blog designer.

~ More links

Yes, there are many. I like blogs. You know how it is.

~ Ads

Thanks, Google (for nothing).

~ Followers

I just -- just today -- learned how to be a follower like this. In fact, I accidentally became a follower of myself, and haven't figured out how to remove that. Go ahead and follow me -- that's how I'm finding other people to follow.

What do you like on the side?


La Yen said...

Fry Sauce.

b. said...

dear phread,
I was able to get my comments back. I'll email you what I did.

How'd you do the copyright thing?

love, b.
ps. I assume you got my question I asked formspring?

Vern said...

How come the bloggers in Utah have all the fun? It's a cheap flight from Denver, maybe I'll have to venture out in May....

Gerb said...

I'm curious... do you really have to say that it's copyrighted stuff for it to be so?

And what exactly happens at a blogger conference?

If you could educate me on these matters, I would be grateful.

~j. said...

La Yen - Vinegar.

b. - I look forward to your email regarding comments. And, YES, I did get your question on my formspring, and even answered. Is it showing up?

Vern - Click on that link, sign up, and yes, cheap flight (what, $59 one way or someping?) - then go to my panel discussion and introduce yourself to me, mmmkeh?

Gerb - Yep. And...I've never been to one, but here's what I know: classes (useful classes), socializing, fun, food. Right up my alley. Will you be going?

Emily said...

How am I going to fit in all these classes by all you fabulous women? Did they not take into account some of us will want to hear EVERYONE speak? So excited you'll be presenting--can't wait!

And me? I like a little irreverance on the side.

Gerb said...

It sounds lovely. Until now, I had never even thought about attending because I didn't realize these sorts of things existed.

sue-donym said...

Quacamole. To give to my friends. Because it better NEVER be ON my plate.

NLS 1993 said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the CBC!

And I can't believe you lost your comments when you switched to a .com OUCH. I mean, not because you're all LOOK AT ALL MY COMMENTS, but they're part of the conversation and people say THE BEST stuff. Sorry 'bout that, lady.