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Monday, February 01, 2010

typing and enjoying

~ The mouse for my computer is all crazy-whacked-funky. Maybe it was my insult to mice everywhere. I don't take it back.

~ Thinking about Groundhog Day Way Back When. Oh yes indeed it's fun time.

~ Also thinking about Groundhog Day A Year Ago.

~ I love that my youngest daughter currently hums when she takes a drink. "Hmmmm... gulp-gulp ...hmmmmm... gulp-gulp ."

~ Hey (Courtney, Carina, Bek, Stephanie, Chris, Lisa, Kacy, Wendy), anybody remember this?
Smith's MFEDS
I've been thinking of that lately. Man, that was funny.

~ Whilst I continue on with the transcribing, here, for your enjoyment:


Emily said...

How do you find these treasures? That was awesome!

Haley Warner said...

Seriously a year ago? wow. How are you?

Geo said...

Dance! Dance! Dance!

I think I want an off-key kid like that!