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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

on not listing the year or whatever

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I didn't review my year (so what? who cares?) here on my blog. Maybe you noticed. Maybe you didn't. I like reading others' lists for the most part. The exception is the Music from [enter year] list because, come on. Let's call it what it really is: Look How Obscure And Different And Alternative My Music Interests Are. What, You've Never Heard Of These Songs Or Artists? That's Sad. You Should Try To Be More Continental. Go Ahead And Download These Songs Now If You'd Like But Be Assured That I Will Have Moved On To Music That Hasn't Even Been Composed Yet Because THAT'S How Ahead Of The Game I Am.

While we're at it, I'll let you know of one of the decisions I've made (I made it a couple-a months ago, so it's not a resolution in the New Year [one, not many] sense): I'm going to stop reading/listening to movie reviews until after I've seen the movie being reviewed. This is not to say that I won't indulge in an Eric D. Snider article because I certainly will -- it's what he does, and he's very good excellent at it. And if it comes up amongst friends I can't very well put my fingers in my ears and yell, "LALALALALAAAA!" What I'm talking about are blog posts which say things like, "It's really, really good, and JUST WAIT for the last five minutes! You won't BELIEVE the twist at the end!" Really? At least twice last year I saw movies that I didn't enjoy too much because I was already aware of some key elements, which, ceasing to surprise, weren't, for me, as effective as intended, movies that I'd wager I would have liked otherwise.
So I guess what I'm getting at is that I'll be going to more movies this year at the theater, right when they open, so that I can participate in normal conversation and all around bloggerifficness. See you at the movies!


Emily said...

First, I totally cracked up when I saw your "so what? who cares?" reference. The View skits on SNL are some of my favorite!

Second, I think your non-resolution resolution is a great one. I tend to pay too much mind to reviews before seeing a movie, though I will say it does lower your expectations of some very B movies, which in turn almost makes them enjoyable! If you need a movie buddy, let me know--I'm in! (Unless it's the Twilight movies...sorry, I won't pay full price to see it unless I need a really good laugh.)

Jill K said...

Soylent green is still made of people.

They didn't change the recipe like they said they would.

Shar said...

My New Years Resolution is to never again write a year-end review because it took an eternity.

I don't like when people spill the beans on a movie either. Now that I'm thinking about it, I sure hope I don't!

Come down here and we'll go to lots of movies.

Snape is a jerk. Who just kills old men? Snape should kill Grandpa Joe so at least Charlie's family can collect Social Security benefits and eat more than cabbage.

Trista said...

I have friends that let the reviews determine whether or not they are interested in seeing so-called movie. It absolutely ludicrous and totally annoying. I am that person with the fingers in the ears and I am not ashamed.

~j. said...

emihill - Movie buddy, you got it! (You and I are on the same page, sparkly-vampire-wise.)


Shar - I've never thought of you as someone who spills the beans on a movie. In fact, I quite like your takes on movies. So funny. (ps, did you know that snape is my boyfriend? it's true. but i love your take on charlie bucket. maybe you could make a resolution to mention grampa joe each day because i laugh EVERY time you do. cabbage.)

Trista - I wonder if they have certain reviewers they trust or just go with whatever the majority of people seem to be saying. You should go with me (and emihill), we can go to opening weekend of all movies.

GriselPiner1002 - yeah, right.

Carina said...

I've unfollowed people on Twitter for spoiling movies and TV shows. Not cool. Hate. I won't even watch the previews when I go to a movie, because they show too much.

I'm with you.

I had a music post planned, but maybe now I won't post it.

Carina said...

Ha! In your FACE! I posted it anyway. But it's music I really like, for real.