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Monday, January 11, 2010

didn't even include that party in the usa song, even though it's cw's favorite

Suedonym asked for five workout songs. (She said 'five (or more)'. Let's not get crazy.)

Juss KEEDEEN. Let's get crazy.

Here you go:

Used to see those guys in concert a lot. Dancing during one of their shows is a workout.

You can't hold still during this song. Really, even when driving. Listen to the trumpet.

Say what you will, but when you're in the middle of a triathlon, and you know you're coming in last (isn't that what working out is?), this song will get you through.

Duh. When will people catch on to my vision that when this song is playing everyone should STOP whatever it is they're doing and start dancing?

What, you too cute to dance? Or are you scared?


Camille said...

I ain't scurred. In fact, I'm dancing right now.

cw said...

say what? i'm crushed. you know i pedal faster every time it comes on. i almost put "ring on it" on my list, but i saved it for you. one of these days we will dance to it and people will clap.

b. said...

Meeeow...Will Smith.

Kara said...

I love the variety! That's what I like when I run. In the summer that is. It's just to cold outside now for me so I resort my old stand by DVD's.

Christi said...

I got the SO YOu Think You Can Dance workout video for Christmas, and I'm working up the nerve to try it. I really want to... but I'm scared! I admit it!

Kalli said...

Say what you will about Miley (it's Miley!) but I love that freaking song

and will, oh will, I want to lay you down in a bed of hisbiscus petals and take you as a lovah

stay tuned CW, I'm working on mine

sue-donym said...

I'm not scared, but I AM pretty sure that Rusted Root song will give me heart attack keeping up with it.

LOVE these suggestions!

Shar said...

I can't listen to Beyoncé and not shake what my momma gave me.

Good songs.

ray-ray says said...

Where have I been?!! That's the first time I've heard the Will Smith song. Thanks for is now on my playlist.