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Thursday, November 19, 2009

some days

...are just youtube days.


Kalli said...

that's weird

I've done that very same dance in those very same places

I mean what are the odds?

Emily said...

The global spazzy dude totally penetrated the impenetrable forest!

Bunsies said...

I thought he just had an odd gait. That didn't appear to be able to take him anywhere, so I wasn't sure how he got there!

Gerb said...

I have loved this every time I've watched it. I would LOVE to do this sort of thing... maybe a 'dancing all over Provo' version is in order?

Have you seen his whole story? There's more to it... it's awesome.

vanessa said...

I am not really sure why a few of us haven't put a dancing video together yet. It would be pure awesomeness

Camille said...

I love Matt! Sure wish I had his job! :)