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Sunday, November 01, 2009

nablopomo '09

It's this thing, NationalBlogPost(ing?)Month, which someone made up and it means you post every single day in the month of November.

I guess.

We've been out of control over here. H1N1, regular flu, pink eye, coughing, hacking, all sorts of maladies and recoveries. Feel free to bring soup.

First two items of business:

1. get a winner for that Sugarhouse Ink Giveaway. Winner will be announced tomorrow, here on this blog.

2. get myself from one chair to another so as to catch up on the Writing Assignments from Travelin'Oma. It'll happen. Oh yes . . . it'll happen.

Good Sabbath to ye.


c-dub said...

if you're in, i'm in.

(for the nabloblahblahblah), not for the house of maladies, but when i get whatever it is i've got kicked i'll definitely be bringing over some soup)

wendysue said...

Virtual soup coming your way.

Just remind the flu that just because you're going to write a post everyday, doesn't mean you want to write about the flu EVERYday.

I've loved reading you're homework! Good vibes you're way!

Bunsies said...

Why are the good vibes away?

Kemp Kuties said...

Oh Jenny - we've missed you! Hope you're on the mend.

P.S. your littles were sure cute @ the fall carnival & the trunk'o'treat.