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Friday, November 13, 2009

homework: School of Thought Seminar: It's Debatable

Homework: ~What is a politically-charged issue you feel strongly about? Forget the rhetoric you've heard. Using your own words and experience, tell why this is important to you.

I’d think that abortion might be a politically-charged issue. Here are my thoughts on abortion:

I would not choose to have one for myself. When I hear of people who have had one, it pierces a hole in my heart, and as a mother who has lost a child, feels like a slap in the face. If someone I knew was considering having one, I would do all I could to persuade them to not go through with it.

Even so, reasons to go through with this process (having an abortion) are extremely personal and varied, and with this issue where opinions are blurred with heavy and final judgment, let me say this: I do think abortion should be (remain) legal so that women can make the choice for themselves. I feel that if abortion were made to be illegal, then women would go to extremes such as traveling to countries with dangerously low (or nonexistent) medical standards, or even the clich├ęd backalley abortions.

I know that this opinion is not popular amongst certain individuals with whom I share culture, religion, even blood. But that’s how I feel.

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