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Sunday, November 15, 2009

homework: Family Matters Seminar: Postcard of Strength

Homework: ~Another mother wrote, "My job is to put myself out of a job." List 10 things kids need to learn to become self-sufficient.

1. How to pray and seek for answers to personal questions.
2. Laundry.
3. How to save some, pay what needs to be paid, and spend less than what they’ve got (you won’t catch me using The B Word)
4. How to drive a stick, put gas into a vehicle (you might be surprised), check a car’s oil level and tire pressure, and change a tire.
5. How to swim.
6. How to cook a week’s worth of meals, and how to follow a recipe in order to learn how to cook more things.
7. How to be a friend, how to be considerate and polite and how to not be taken advantage of.
8. How to clean.
9. How to talk with people not in their immediate comfort zone, whether in person or on the phone; how to carry on a conversation, be direct and sincere.
10. How to take care of their body, balancing exercise, nutrition, and rest.

What is this? Why, it's homework!
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Travelin'Oma said...

This is such a concise, well thought out list. Save it!