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Thursday, September 17, 2009

which moment made YOU double over in laughter?

 it worth noting that this is post #700?


La Yen said...

Every. Time.

That look is perfect.

Still laughing.

No verbs.

Except Is.

Bunsies said...

So funny! We are both still laughing!

Chief said...

there are so many, but this has to be near the top.

I've seen it a million times, but I still snorted

vanessa said...

well now i just choked on what i was munching on

took awhile to recover from it

but it was worth it

i also might have snorted and something came out

sorry you didn't need to know that

Naomi said...

These two are my favourite characters, I'm so excited it's back on!

Rebecca is Thrilled by the Thought said...

Last night, when Creed said, "Did you spread the rumor about my asthma? I can't let that get out because then I can't scuba. And if I can't scuba, then what has this all been about?"

I love the side jokes that you have to pay attention to notice!

Shar said...

One of my FAVORITE moments from the Office!

Kemp Kuties said...

One of my favorite moments is when Michael is wearing a silky, purple, girl shirt and a "girl" suit. Pam is not gentle when she talks to Michael about his choice of outfit!

Hannah said...

ha! i totally love the office. i am not sure that i have a favorite moment, but i loved your clip!