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Sunday, September 06, 2009

homework: Family Matters: Love Being Green

Homework: Do these assignments privately.
~List at least 25 of your unique abilities and qualities. Words that might apply: caring, aware, generous, hospitable, tactful, open, able to teach, good cook, listener, optimist, creative, etc.
~List at least 10 things you love about your body. Ideas: pretty eyes, good vision, strong nails, round behind, balance, bouncy boobs, freckles . . .(Hey, I've got to tell you this story. In 4th grade my son wrote his autobiography. When describing one sister he said she had lots of freckles. Then he described another sister: "She doesn't have any freckles, but she has lots of moles." In doing this assignment, don't mention your moles.)
~Give yourself a compliment whenever you pass a mirror. Suggestions: "You look happy!" "Your lips look luscious." "That zit doesn't even show."

phew! thank goodness these assignments were private...

What is this? Why, it's homework!
You can
get in on the fun, too!

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