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Thursday, August 13, 2009

cool stuffs

One of the awesome things about having my cool cousin visit me is that she shows me all the hip stuff. For instance, you've seen this:

But have you seen this? the way, I fully admit that, like most other stuff, I'm likely the last one to hear the joke, so it's completely not only possible, but likely, that you've seen this already, so don't rub it in. Don't kill my dream. My cousin makes me feel cool. I'm cool.


Shar said...

That makes all the weddings I go to really boring.

vanessa said...

well I am pretty sure we need to get to work on our version of this video.
not kidding
just fyi my dancing level would be just below the court guards level

Debra Reynolds said...

ok i saw this as a wedding one this one has its own merits it made me smile today.