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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wedding at the finger lakes

I got to go to NY in June for my cousin Megan's wedding.
It was so very lovely.
Here is a pre-wedding shot of
my cousins Nat, Caitlin, and Mia:
Mia, Junior Bridesmaid

Nat, Junior Bridesmaid

Aunt Pat, Megan, Uncle Jay

Cousins Ashley & Bradley
(and my old man in the blue suit over there)

Megan and Roonie

My cousin Sean
reading a sweet tribute

Mr. and Mrs. Megan and Roonie

Reception line;
Meg & Roonie politely trying to not be surprised
by my brother's broken face
(he was hit by a car earlier that week)


Shawn said...

Looked amazing! Glad you didn't have rain that day....

Shar said...

Great that you got to go!

And, hit by a car? Yikes!

~j. said...

Shawn - earlier that day is was raining and hailing. Cleared up just in time (of course it did).

Shar - Oh, he gets hit by a car every so's his own personal version of leap year.