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Friday, July 24, 2009

post-wedding, pre-reception family snapshots (at the finger lakes)

Perhaps I should first thank
my cousins Maggie and Ashley,
without whose facebook pages,
my having bogarted these photos
wouldn't have been possible:

Cousins from aroooouuuund the country!
Ashley, Sean, Maggie, Brad, Rachel, Lian,
Michael, James, Caitlin, Jenny, Natalie, Mia
(missing: Megan {the bride} and Brandy {the parking lot})

My dad and his siblings*:

Kuna, Mark Twain, Jay, Missy, Minnie, and Jerry

(*alternate caption for this photo: Say, "I Don't Drink!")

Kuna, my dad's cousin Dave (who, to me, looks SO much like Grandpa Dick), Minnie, Missy, Lian

Yikes, can I name these folks? I'll try:
front row: Mia, Rachel, Maggie, Minnie, Kuna, Ashley, Sean
2nd row: Jay, Natalie, ~j., Steve, John, Brad
3rd row: Lian, Missy, MarkTwain, Monica, James & Liam, Michael, Sue
last row: Jerry, Brandy

I hope you enjoyed all these names.
Have them memorized for your quiz on Monday.


La Yen said...

Wait--Beans is IN the parking lot, or IS the parking lot?

PS--did the "delivery" get to the wedding on time?

~j. said...

I knew it when I wrote it, but I wanted to keep it the same . . . uh, tense. Or whatever.

ps - still waiting for a call.

Bunsies said...

who's John?