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Friday, July 17, 2009

meme for a weekend

Put an X by the states you have been to (airports don't count).

I've decided to make the names of the states in which I've lived GREEN.

Alabama -
Alaska -
Arizona - X
Arkansas -
California - X
Colorado - X
Connecticut -
Delaware - X
Florida – X
Georgia - X
Hawaii -
Idaho - X
Illinois - X
Indiana - X
Iowa - X
Kansas -X
Kentucky - X
Louisiana -
Maine -
Maryland - X
Massachusetts – X
Michigan - X
Minnesota -
Mississippi -
Missouri - X
Montana -
Nebraska - X
Nevada - X
New Hampshire -
New Jersey - X
New Mexico -
New York - X
North Carolina - X
North Dakota -
Ohio - X
Oklahoma -
Oregon - X
Pennsylvania - X
Rhode Island - X
South Carolina - X
South Dakota -
Tennessee - X
Texas - X
Utah - X
Vermont -
Virginia - X
West Virginia – X
Wisconsin - X
Wyoming - X
Washington - X


If airports counted, I'd be at 35 (MN).

Although, RI is sketchy; I'm assuming that if we went there, that we drove through CT, which would make it 35, and 36 with airports. Did I actually go to RI? Anyone? Mom? Dad?

What are your numbers?
No on Rhode Island, Yes on Maine. (Thanks, Dad.)


cabesh said...

26. After our summer trip I should be at 34. No airports included.

I need to move out west so that I can stop being the first commenter.

Adriane said...

13...I have several that I want to get to so hopefully the number goes up in the next few years. Mark has been to 25. Guess the drive home from the mission helps that number as well as the trips to Chicago and North Carolina with Eaton. Thanks ~j! You ROCK!

Kaerlig said...

pretty impressive

Tori said...

Your blog looks marvelous!! :) Ooh- look! I see my button. lol

I'll have to ask my parents about the states because I know we travelled a lot when I was younger...

Tori said...

I grabbed your button yo! It's on my links page. :)

Jessica said...

28.... I need to get over to the NorthEast! Cute post!

vanessa said...

I have lived in so many places it is actually a bit depressing