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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

to win

See that cargo bike on my sidebar?
I want it.
Do you?
We can both try to win.
Click on it.
You're welcome.


Nat said...

That bike looks like a lot of fun.

Gerb said...

There is NO WAY that lady with the flowers is gonna ride that bike in those shoes and that dress. Seriously. But me? I don't even own shoes OR a dress like that. I could totally ride it.

Caroline said...

What a great bike . . . good luck! I clicked for you. They should throw in some helmets for the kids in the backseat, too! *hinthint*

Shar said...

I love it. I hope you win it. And if you don't, I hope I do.

Vanessa said...

oh alright I will click

how bout we buy eachother one? then it won't count as much right?