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Friday, May 29, 2009

[just now]

Superstar, having played on the nickjr-dot-com for approximately 4 minutes, decided to ditch the computer chair for the sake of watching Dora. I began to catch up on some of my Reader, when she exclaimed:

"Mom! What about my dot-com!"

~j.: "It's still there, Honey. Don't worry. You can play your game later."

Superstar: "Good! Because if you Xd it out, I'll be very disappointed."


La Yen said...

Thanks to Superstar, Jooj only refers to it as NICKJRDOTCOM.

Shar said...

Kids these days!

X-ed out. That is too funny!

Shawn said...

That was so cute!

Also---this is Hailey's Mum---asking for your help to vote for my blog for MMB.

You are probably friends with all the others, but I thought I would ask anyway...