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Monday, May 25, 2009

just like old times

(please excuse, once again, the blackberry photos. when am i gonna just get a good camera?)
Saturday night was awesome. I went to Salt Lake to attend a surprise birthday party for my friend Brookey. Brookey's bday is earlier in May, and she lives in Arizona, but she was visiting her family in Utah, so her sister Jenny hosted an awesome surprise 30th birthday party.
I love this family so much. I get to get together on a regular basis with Laurie, Brandy, and Jenny to discuss books and life. I used to live with their sister Lisa. I first met Brookey when she was in high school -- she was crying about a boy, I remember that night. I remember Brandy's wedding reception. Jenny let me stay with her when I first moved to Utah, for a while until I could move into my apartment. David and I were in a band together, and he was one of the two witnesses at my wedding. Jimmy, Brookey, and I went to a BNL show together in Chicago, which very show was later made into a CD. I remember the day Jimmy left on his mission. I remember going to the MTC when Timmy left on his mission. The only sibling I don't know very well is Scot, but I'd wager that he's not much different from his younger eight.
The party was for Brooke, to be certain -- but I couldn't help but feel luckyluckylucky to be hanging out with these long-time friends. Joking, teasing, laughing, singing. Real family time. I don't mean to intrude, Eatons, but thanks for having me. You make me feel so at home. You know how to love. You're the best.


Shawn said...

Sounds like fun times! I love surprise parties---they make me happy...

Vanessa said...

I have decided we need couple friends, we have moved way to much to make any good ones. I am jealous. Oh k next time I am at the Farmers Market I am looking for you! I am there every week!

Brooke Barragan said...

it was fun. i was very glad you were there. i like you.