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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

spring things/summer things

I look forward to:

~ hearing birds
~ hearing my neighbor's windchime, signaling nice weather
~ cool mornings
~ warm afternoons
~ later daylight
~ birthdays
~ almost-end-of-school excitement
~ DONE with school excitement
~ sleeping in -- or not
~ baths at the end of the day
~ retreating to the A/C as needed
~ seedlesss watermelon
~ cooking on the grill
~ fresh salsa
~ trips to water parks
~ morning hikes
~ cool showers
~ afternoon naps
~ smell of sunscreen
~ strawberries
~ open windows
~ having my kids home
~ *NEW THIS YEAR* playing in our fenced yard

I DON'T look forward to:

~ enforcing chores
~ trying to find an answer when my kids say, "Mom! They're having aNOTHER party, and we didn't get invited. We play with them EVERY DAY, Mom. Why aren't we invited?" (I have no answer for these inquiries, so I concentrate on distraction to assuage hurt feelings.)
~ scorching hot afternoons
~ sunburns on my babies
~ sunshine headaches
~ bug bites

**Yay! More good things than bad!
What do YOU look forward to? Or not?


Kaerlig said...

I just got very excited reading this! I'd add camp outs, late night walks under the stars with my dog, popsicles, gardens, and the sound of my sprinklers at night.

On my not list I'd add hearing my kids saying "I'm bored".

Carina said...

"They're having another party"

"Oh, when is it? Oh, we can't go to that anyway, we already have plans. We're busy going to the pool/library/JetSetPad/bowling/just family movie time."

~j. said...

Kaerlig -- sprinklers, yes! Ours go off at about 5 or 6:am...I find it comforting.

Azu'car: EXACTLY.

Gerb said...

Looking forward to: sleeping in. Oh, yes. And young women's CAMP! And spontaneous field trips with the kids.

NOT looking forward to: the HOT that comes with summer, which included wearing short-sleeved shirts and having old ladies at church ask if I eat enough.

Gerb said...

includes. Not included.

{natalie} said...

i love storytime on the trampoline w/flashlights and blankets. bbqs. swim parties - i'll invite you (at my mom's) going to the beach. lots of sun and suntans. farmer's market stops on saturday mornings. i love summer

Semi Granola Mom said...

We will party, on April 17th to be exact ( I am in charge os April RS bday party, ya, getting those invites out soon )
I am sorry that you have to deal with that, I am glad my kids aren't old enough yet to realize we don't get invited either... but then again it isn't in my backyard, so that doubles the hardness. For real though, we should do stuff this summer :) ( other than enrichment stuff ) ( oh sad note, I still have those croutons for you, sitting on the counter looking all lonely because I am a slacker )

~j. said...

gerb - i don't like short sleeves for a different reason.

nat - farmers market is one of my goals this year. I always intend to go, but rarely do.

C - I won't be here on the 17th!! Boo. I'll miss the par-tay...

Mrs. O said...

We do the flashlight read aloud on the tramp too (and my kids are old, I love that they never outgrow it).

Also, roasting marshmallows over a backyard fire. And fresh vegetable from the garden. I can't wait.

Tori :) said...

Fresh salsa... do you have a garden? I remember the salsa you made at the 6plex. Yum!!

Tori :) said...

I ♥ HOT. It's my favorite.

La Yen said...

Going to your house.

Semi Granola Mom said...

Dude, when will you be here, it isn't in stone, let me know.

QueenScarlett said...

I just realized I'm not a true Mormon - I don't have a trampoline.

Summer... NOT BEING COLD... going on adventures... wearing next to nothing... or as next to nothing you can get with garments. Sleeping in just the Gs.

bad thing... triple digit temps.

Brooke Barragan said...

you are clever and witty

~j. said...

Mrs. O - I bet you grow a mean garden.

tori - Thanks! We don't have a garden. Tried to the first year we were here, to no avail. I think we'll give it another go soon. After all, the prophet said to build a garden (or something like that).

yen - MMMhmm.

C - I'll let you know.

Queen - I don't qualify either due to lack of trampoline. However, sleeping sans there any other way to sleep?? Even in the winter. Oh yes.

Boogie - You are tender and validating.

Shawn said...

I agree with the sleeping in---love it!

Air-conditioning, grilling, throwing on flip-flops to go to the mail box, and having my little guy around---those are a few of my favorite things---da, da, da,....da, da, da...

Geo said...

Walks in the spring rain, and bike rides along the Provo river Trail.

Rynell said...

No school.
Eating from the garden.
Lazy days.