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Friday, January 23, 2009

NIE AUCTION ITEM #89 - Queen of Hearts

From the artist: "How fitting that we get to start off this Valentine's season is by honoring our beloved web friend, Nie. Who better exemplifies the love and beauty that this holiday inspires! To celebrate this event, I sculpted a new little figurine that reminds me of the love, creativity and happiness that Nie and her daughters share. This little queen is ready to celebrate Valentine's Day in style! She wears her pink and red dress with pride and loves her sparkles! She happily has her gold crown perched on her head and scepter in hand.

The Queen of Hearts is hand-crafted out of paper mache, modeling clay and acrylic paint. She stands at 7 inches in height."

Donated by: Malinda Jane Sieg
Value: $43.95


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The online portion of the auction is now CLOSED.