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Friday, January 23, 2009

NIE AUCTION ITEM #85 - Jelly Jane Gift Package

JellyJane is for your skin and hair. The color of the gel will not show up on your skin, just the glitter shows.

Our jars are made with aloe vera so they are natural with lots of cosmetic grade glitter and tasty scents for fun.

A list of the ingredients is printed on the delightful round label placed on the lid of the jar.

This package includes:
1. "NieNie Love" - This is a 4 oz. jar of Jelly Jane. It has rainbow glitter and a delicious citrus scent.

2. "Three Doves For NieNie" - This is a Jelly Jane Stackable. There are 3 separate pots with a surprise color and scent in each one.
3. "NieNie Daisy"- This is a Jelly Jane Daisy. It is a lip balm sized container of glitter gel. It is the perfect size for your purse so you can add a little sparkle to your cheeks or neck when you are on the go.

Jelly Jane comes shrink wrapped and gift ready in a box with a pink J printed on the side, filled with colored shred.

**This package will be shipped directly to the winner from the donor.**

Donated by: Sarra Eaton