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Friday, January 23, 2009

NIE AUCTION ITEM #65 - MAC Cosmetics Gift Basket

Here's the one you've been waiting for.

(image snagged from google)

A gift basket, which includes the following:

~ Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour (Boss Brown/Slave to Pink)

~ Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolour (Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush)

~ Glitter Brilliants (Reflects Transparent Teal)

~ Glitter Brilliants (Reflects Gold)

~ Pigment (Cocomotion)

~ Pigment (Spiritualize)

~ Beauty Powder Blush (Serenely)

~ Mineralize Blush (Gentle)

~ Eye Shadow (Odd Couple)

~ Eye Shadow (Arctic Grey)

~ Eye Shadow (Top Hat)

~ Eye Shadow (Dreammaker)

~ Eye Shadow (Smoke & Diamonds)

~ Eye Shadow (Go)

~ Eye Shadow (Blue Flame)

~ Dazzleglass (Love Alert)

~ Kohl Power Eye Pencil (Mystery)

~ Kohl Power Eye Pencil (Feline)

~ Lip Glass Pencil (Part Nude)

~ Cremestick Pearl Liner (Naked Rose)

~ Brow Set

~ Lipglass (Li' Hot Pepper)

~ Lipglass (Naked Frost)

~ Liquid Eyeliner (Boot Black)

~ Lustre Lipstick (Rozz Revival)

~ Dame Edna: Amplified Creme Lipstick (Coral Polyp)

~ Dame Edna: Eyeshadow x3 (Wisteria Eye Trio)

~ Dame Edna: Lipglass Lip Gloss (Possum Nose Pink)

~ Dame Edna: High-Light Powder (What A Dame!)

~ Commemorate Sheerspark Pressed Powder

~ Monogram Lipstick (All Mine)

~ Monogram Lipstick (Marque)


Donated by Sophia Bickmore

Value: $600