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Friday, January 23, 2009

NIE AUCTION ITEM #135 - Handmade Waldorf Style Doll

From the artist: "This is Sophia, "Phia" for short. She was named by the adoring four year old who supervised the process of making her. The hood on her argyle sweatervest is just for show, it is too little to fit her head. She likes it anyway though, because it has such a nice ruffly hem. Her "true love" t-shirt is her favorite thing to wear becauseValentines day is coming up and that is her favorite day of the whole year. She's also very fond of the ribbon trim on her skirt and the way it matches her hair bow. Phia was hand made in the Waldorf style of doll making with 100% cotton interlock "skin" and pure wool stuffing."
Donated by: Eva Earl
Value: $65


lisa said...

Love her...$15

Anonymous said...

I will bid $50 for her.

~j. said...

The online portion of the auction is now CLOSED.