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Friday, January 23, 2009

NIE AUCTION ITEM #114 - Raggedy Annie w/ a singing heart & her teddy bear

From the artist: "Well, yet another one that has tugged at my heart strings! Not only because I have a special place in my heart for Raggedies, but this sweet girl was made up especially for a special cause, that is also very dear to my heart!

This Raggedy Annie measures approx. 30“ tall from the tipsy top of all that raggedy red hair... to the tips of her black painted toes. This Raggedy Annie also comes with her best friend! Teddy is just an adorable addition to this sweet duo! Teddy measures approx. 11” tall. His arms & legs are jointed, so they are moveable. I made teddy using a fuzzy warm brown felt. His nose is hand stitched and he has bead eyes and blushed cheeks! He is wearing a bow around his neck. He also has a red heart on his chest, just like the one Raggedy Annie has!

If you haven’t already noticed, this sweet Raggedy is special. She comes with a SINGING HEART! It makes her OH! So huggable! Simply give her heart a squeeze, and it will sing “You are my Sunshine”!!

Raggedy Annie is made from aged muslin. I have cut her out, sewn her up and then stuffed her with the softest fluff. She has a great big box bottom, where I have added top quality poly pellets to give her some weight, and so that she will sit nicely on her own for you, just about anywhere!

I have hand sewn on all her raggedy red hair. She has black button eyes and a hand sewn floss nose & lips. Her dress was made with a cute matching red checkered calico. She is also wearing matching red bloomers. Her stockings and shoes have been painted on.

Although this sweet girl has been made with the very most care, I would not recommend this dolly as a play toy for younger children. There are buttons & beads that could come off fairly easily if pulled hard enough. I can promise you though, that she will add so much happiness to your home sitting up on a special shelf, or even in your favorite hutch.

I surely hope that this adorable duo will add so much fun and JOY to your home. Raggedy Annie will come to you signed and dated.

This sweet Raggedy Annie was done up using a pattern from one of my very favorite artists. She was designed by my friend Maureen Mills of SweetMeadowsFarm (( ). She was so much fun to put together."
Donated by: Jodi Allen
Retail Value: $95


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Grammadebs said...

$100.00 so cute!

Carrie said...

I LOVE her, Jodi. She is SOOOOO adorable!

~j. said...

The online portion of the auction is now CLOSED.