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Thursday, December 04, 2008


A heartfelt THANK YOU
to all who spent their time and energies
toward this bidding effort.

Here are the results:

Set #1 - candace ($20)
Set #2 - Bunsies ($70)
Set #3 - Karen ($15)
Set #4 - Amy ($20)
Set #5 - Bunsies ($35)
Set #6 - Marjie ($20)
Set #7 - candace ($20)

Way to go!

(props to candace and bunsies who won two sets each!)

Winners: Please donate your winning amount(s) to the NieNie fund (see button on the sidebar) and then forward your emailed receipt, along with shipping information, to I will then put you in touch with the creators of your winning set(s), as each set will be shipped by its creator.

EVERYONE: Again, THANK YOU. Because of your generosity we were able to raise $200 for the Nielson Recovery Fund.

Bless you.

If you didn't win this auction (or even if you did), head on over to Lisa's blog for an auction which ends TOMORROW (Friday, 5 Dec.).

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