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Saturday, November 08, 2008


I'm on like level 23 of tetris on my phone.
Does this game ever end?


Anonymous said...

Addicting, isn't it? I play Bookworm on my phone and I have a hard time putting it down sometimes. I'm that bored.

Scames said...

I really have problems after playing. I start adjusting shapes wherever. I make dinner and the vegetables fall into place. I can't walk by windows without twisting and tucking. I had to give up the game- don't let it take you!

L. Mo said...

Tetris is my favorite game and no it never ends.

lisa said...

No, it does not. For additional fun, if you play it long enough, it begins to invade your dreams. (I've heard...)

wendysue said...

It's true Lisa! It's not "over" until you can close your eyes and see pieces falling, and you dream of running around fitting all the pieces together.

Carina said...

It does invade your dreams.

My fancy new phone doesn't have tetris...I really want to play tetris.

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