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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

no seriously this JUST happened

My cell phone rang.

7:40 a.m.

It's Azu'car.

Oh good, I think, I meant to call her back last night, but I fell asleep.

"Good morning!" I answer.


Then, a small voice, "Good morning."

I smile. "Hi there."

"Hi. This is Guille."

"Yes, I know. How are you?"

"Good. Who is this?"

"This is ~j.."

"Oh. I want to call Nana."

"Well, you called me."

"I want to call Nana. Do you know her phone number?"

"No, I don't. Hey, Guille?"


"Where are your mommy and daddy?"

"Daddy . . . he is at his work. Mommy . . . she is sleeping."

"Okay. And Santi?"



"I want to talk to Nana."

"I don't know her phone number. Sorry. Guille?"



sue-donym said...

That boy. I'll tell ya...

Anonymous said...

I love it!

wendysue said...

Listen lady, do you have the goods or not?

TheOneTrueSue said...


Busted :>

Rynell said...

hee hee

Semi Granola Mom said...

priceless :)

Carina said...

Let's say this: you were not the only victim.

And I wasn't sleeping, just in the other room nursing the baby.