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Friday, November 28, 2008



Before we start the bidding, let me give a li'l background . . .

When Stephanie and Christian were newlyweds, they lived in a grand old house in downtown Provo. Stephanie was asked to be a leader to the Young Women (ages 12-18) in our ward (local congregation), along with myself and a handful of other women. As a group of leaders we became friends with a unique and special camaraderie I have yet to experience with other women serving together in a calling. After all, we served together about seven years ago, and we are all still friends.

One of the activities we did those many years ago was to make glass coasters with pressed flowers as the centerpiece of each. It was a memorable activity and we were more than pleased with the outcome.

A few weeks ago, Sarah Wiley hosted a group of us for a lovely brunch, followed by us all hand-crafting more sets of coasters to auction, with all proceeds going to the Nie Recovery Fund.

It was wonderful to get together with these women, and to celebrate our friendships with each other and with Stephanie.

Here's where you get in on the action:

~Following are separate posts for each set of coasters up for bid.

~Unique, hand-crafted coasters are 4"x4", glass, and the edges are trimmed in copper.

~Please bid in the comments section on the post featuring whichever set interests you.

~Please bid in whole-dollar increments.

~The auction will close on Thursday, December 4th, 2008, at 10:pm Mountain Standard Time.

~Upon auction's close, the winning bidder will be announced. The winner shall then donate to the Nie Recovery Fund (see button on my sidebar), after which a receipt will be emailed to the winner. The winner will then forward the receipt to me ( as proof of payment, after which the set of coasters shall be shipped to the winner.

Thanks for your interest, and for your action -

Happy Bidding to Ye!

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