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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Today is my favorite kind of day. It's raining, off-and-on, and there's a complete cloud-cover. The leaves are stunningly beautiful, whether they're still on the trees or have already fallen to the ground. (Props to my neighbors for having the trees which supply my backyard with the fun, pretty leaves.) There's a chill in the air, but not too severe; in fact, my windows are open and my ceiling fan is on, blowing fresh air throughout the house. It's a perfect day for skipping church (Bubby is sick), cuddling with a blanket on the couch, writing letters, and eating soup.

Yesterday was also my favorite kind of day. It was chilly in the morning, cured by the sun climbing over the tops of the mountains to warm the day. We were priviledged to have an invitation to our dear friends' sons' baptisms, and what a special occasion that was. An unusually warm November 1st, it was a perfect day for playing outside (or trying to with my screaming son, who would have nothing to do with that). Kids buzzed around on their scooters and bikes, while neighbors attended to the task of readying the exterior of their homes for Christmas.

Friday, too, was my favorite kind of day. Mostly cloudy with a warm breeze, we went to the stupid trunk-or-treat (as a result of the family vote we had: the girls prefered to go to the activity). Friends knocked on our door and we gave them candy: what could be better than that?

Tomorrow may be a favorite day, too. And Tuesday. Thanksgiving will be my favorite day, as will Christmas day. My other favorite day will be the day next spring when I wake up to the first sounds of birds singing, a song I will have missed all winter. And when I take the kids swimming next summer on a day when it feels like the sun couldn't be closer if we were living on it, smelling like sunscreen...that will be my favorite day.


Anonymous said...

Love this post.

(Hope Bubby is feeling better soon.)

My husband always says, "This is my best day so far." It's good to love the day you're in!

Kaerlig said...

Thanks J. I love this post too. I usually don't like rain and cloud covers but it is a beautiful day as are all the other days you listed. I would add the first day after a real snow storm when each branch of the every tree is lined with white. It is so quiet.

Emily said...

That is the way to live, enjoy each day and make the best of what you are given. Thanks for helping me see why each day can be "my favorite day".

BTW: I finished reading the book that you gave me; it was wonderful and so inspiring. I truly enjoyed each moment of it. Thanks for giving it to me and letting me rediscover why I LOVE being a mom. I hope to truly savor each minute with my Sammy and appreciate who she is and what she gives me...such great joy!

Alyson | New England Living said...

I really liked this post. So well written!

Semi Granola Mom said...

Loved today too, the men in our house were sick as well, so stayed home too... wonder if the ran scared away the deacons though because we didn't have fast offering boys come by, did you guys get them?

Shar said...

I loved it.

We had weather like yours today, minus the rain. It really is my favorite kind of day. I love cloudy days and love rainy days even more!

La Yen said...

We had weather like yours, except it was 92 degrees and the air conditioning was broken in the chapel. And there was no rain.

Wendy said...

I love this post, too. And I love that its title is "choose." Thanks for that little bit of wisdom, and your beautifully worded thoughts.

Rynell said...

I loved this post.

I have lots of favorite days and this reminded me why I do.