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Monday, September 29, 2008

two cents

Beginning with the disclaimer that I don't know anything about a lot of stuff, and that I don't know anything about the stock markets, I'm gonna go there:

My dad asked me on Sunday what I think about the whole What's Happening On Wall Street thing, and after thinking about it, here is my answer:

I think it's great that wealthy people are finally feeling the financial strain that I've been feeling for the last couple of years.

It's only fair, innit.


Carina said...

Mmm yes.

Doesn't it finally feel a little bit liberating?

Tori :) said...


Anonymous said...

I would like it better if I didn't have to bail them out. Who bailed us out? And we can ill afford to pay for their complete lack of foresight and wisdom and even common sense.

I'm bitter, still.

sue-donym said...

I sent a letter to Bush telling him that we just didn't pay much attention to our finances, and that I didn't need $700 billion, a cool million would do just fine.

I'm still waiting for his reply.

Annette Lyon said...

Oh, yeah.

As for our personal finances, I'm now THRILLED we left Novell 2 years ago and hubby has a miminum of 3 more years of his new contract. Yippee for now more stupid lay-off worries!

ash said...

Someone on the news said that $700 billion dollars would pay for all of OUR houses. Lets do that and let the big corporations worry about themselves.

La Yen said...

I love the feeling that my crappy crappy credit is no big deal. Because there is nowhere to go but up!

But I am afraid of hobos.

QueenScarlett said...


Anonymous said...

Um, it sounds bitter and mean, not Christian. I take it you are a stay home mom? That is wonderful but, don't be a hater when you too can have "more" in your life if you made different choices. I am sure you are (although it does not sound like it) happy with your life and your choices. some people have more or less and some have 2 incomes to help out in tough times.

Anonymous said...

Um anon, you're sounding a bit bitter and mean, too.

I'm just sayin'.

(Oh, and I'll put my name to my comment.)


a.k.a. CW

Carina said...

I love it when people don't have enough guts to leave a name when they leave 'helpful' comments.

Uhm, your comment made you sound like an idiot. I don't know if you are one, or if you're not, but there's "more" to life when you stand behind your words and don't act like a coward.

The sacrifices ~J has made, even having "2" incomes for a while, are astounding. I do not begrudge her a moment of poetic satisfaction. It's hard to live in a world where you are struggling to make ends meet and watching irresponsible people make the marketplace even harder for you and your loved ones. To see those irresponsible people come into consequences feels really affirming.

La Yen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue-donym said...

Um anonymous? Your wisdom is astounding. I had no idea that all I needed to do was "make better choices" to have more in life.
Where have you been all my life? Maybe with you directing me, I could be a wise, rich a-hole as well.

Iann said...

You guys are freaking hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh before bed!

Carina said...

I bet anonymous believes in The Secret.

And that all poor people are that way because they haven't tried hard enough.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am surprised at the comments. I did not say anything mean just a different perspective. I think everyone should look at everything through different eyes. Upon finding this certainly does not seem that the writer usually wishes, is thankful for, hopes or dreams for anything bad to come to another person. This particular blog just sounds like it. And another thing, when people leave annon. on - I think they are brave to hear other perspectives that may be different. I would not want you to know who because I may be a good friend with a different view. Does not mean I don't still love the blogger, just don't want to offend.

I also find it interesting that you assume I think this person should change. What to pay for daycare, clothes etc? None of that is my point. I am sure she is very very happy with her life. That is terrific. She is making great choices for her life just dont complain when others have different.

And yes - btw - there are some legitament poor people but, that does not mean they deserve MY money, unless I give it to them. and yes - lots of them could work harder and some could just work period.

More than anything, why is everyone so angry on comments, how about just some calm well thought out rebuttals - without rudeness.

ps - I love 99% of the this bloggers blogs. Just don't agree on this one.

pss - Virtual bitch slap? Really?

psss - la yen, I don't have 2 incomes, I just don't begrudge other if they do.

pssss - An a-hole because of a different opinion?

psssss - Azucar - the part where you say, "The sacrifices......", you are right but, that is not what this blog said. If she had posted a blog on that subject, we would not be here now.

La Yen said...

Dear anonymous,
I appreciate that you are taking the time to clarify yourself, however, I think that the lack of your name is the problem. Had you said "Hey, this is Lisa/Steve (or whoever) and I don't feel this way. I feel THIS way" the response would be much different. There might have been some discussion about our different beliefs, and a consensus may have been reached (or not), but that would be the end of it. Friendships lost? None. Attacks? None. Because when a friend (new or old) has a differing viewpoint, there is no need to feel threatened.

When a complete stranger attacks one of our most loved sisters, the minute before one of her hardest times of the year, we get all Mother Bear.

And when you don't identify yourself, call her UnChristian (Or, at the very least, say that her post is UnChristian), and point out that it is her choice to be poor--and that two incomes is the only way to be rich--(have you met Queen and Bek? Hello one income!)and tell her that she could "Have 'more' in her life if she made different choices," insinuating that her choices are wrong, the gauntlet is thrown.

We are not mean or violent women, although our comments are quite snarly. We are just incredibly protective of our own. If we knew who you were, and you ARE one of our own, or would like to be, you know what you need to do.

La Yen.

La Yen said...

Oh, and one more thing. For future reference, should you have concerns about someone's state of mind, be worried that they are being petty and awful, or be hurt by their tone, thoughts, or post--and not want to reveal your name to the general population, you can always send the writer a personal email. Say "Your last blog bothered me, and I wanted to make sure I was reading it right. Maybe I am missing something in translation..." I think that ALL bloggers would appreciate that, rather than an anonymous comment attack. And I think that 99% of the time the response would be genuinely thoughtful and caring, and would clarify all of your concerns.

QueenScarlett said...

All comments directed at Anon - who is still too weak to share who they are - are apt.

If you're going to go onto someone's blog and offer your judgments - you ask for it. It's like going to someone's house with dog poop on your shoes. Really? You took out time to do that?

Not only did you label her unchristian based on your unlimited knowledge - you also made stay-at-home-mom incredibly derogatory. Then you're surprised at how much her friends would jump to defend her? Really?

Listen - anon comments allow people who are weak in general - to act like they have balls - hidden behind a veil.

I guess I should continue your line of reasoning and assume that you can't take anything lighthearted. I took her post as a little fun laugh between friends.

It's always funny when people who leave antagonistic anon comments are SHOCKED, SHOCKED that people would react to their pointed comments without flowers and lace. Call me crazy... but wow.

Geo said...

I ain't me, babe, it ain't me you're looking for.

Geo said...

Not that I thought that you thought that . . .

Oh, never mind. I am going to Carrabba's tonight and my conscience is clean (enough).

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts but, I never said you had to have 2 incomes to be rich (if rich is your goal) and I never called HER unchristian. Also - I never said HER choices were wrong.

queen - I am a stay home mom.
Antagonistic? I simply made a comment - not even about HER personally. Your need to defend so strongly is honorable and so sweet.

It is odd how much we changed the orignal comment to fit what we wanted to say.

Reread it with an open mind and maybe - just maybe, the comments will be more fitting.

Anonymous said...


A general rule I believe is common sense for commenting is "critique the argument, not the person."

When you make assumptions about people " sounds bitter and mean, not Christian. I take it you are a stay home mom?" and "I am sure you are (although it does not sound like it) happy with your life and your choices.." or try to give unsolicited advice "don't be a hater when you too can have "more" in your life if you made different choices. " it reflects badly on you and it will make people who know better--in this case those who know and love ~j--defensive. (Hence, as La Yen said, "Mother Bear.")

As I said before, your comment came across as judgmental and mean. If you feel differently about Wall Street (which is an entirely different issue than SAHMs or whether or not one has one or two incomes, which topics you brought up), you are certainly entitled to express a different opinion--I did.

But you did go after ~j personally and I think that pretty much explains the response you got.

It's possible that if your comment was about the rather benign topic of the post instead of a critique on the author of the post you would have been more comfortable putting your name to it.