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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Auction #3 Closed!

Congratulations to Ashley Eddington Hoopes!

Ashley, your $100 bid is going to land you a mouthful of happiness with some left over to share. Once you've made your ever-so-generous donation to the Nielson Recovery Fund (see the "Donate to NieNie" button on my sidebar), please forward your emailed receipt from paypal to We can be in touch through email regarding specifics (when you want them . . . what kind of pudding . . . yuuuummmmmmm . . .). Congratulations, and thank you for your generosity, Ashley.

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR SHOWING YOUR INTEREST BY BIDDING. Be aware that there will be more auctions here.

Maybe a repeat of this very offer.

Lucky you.


Buby + Bleu said...

Hi J., you are the winning bidder at my Buby + Bleu auction. Congrats!! Please pay $80 to the Stephanie & Christian PayPal account and then forward your receipt to me at I'll send off the items myself early next week. Thanks!!

Ashley said...

Thanks, I will make the donation right now! Can't wait!!

BTW, thank you for your last post about what you would have said to the Times. It was so neat to get an insight like that. I didn't know that her youngest was being raised by another sister. I just can not imagine! If this story has inspired me to do anything, it is to get my living will in place! Thank you!!