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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Hungry? In or around the 14701 zip code? Well, you're in luck. There's this little place on Fairmount (bigger than it used to be, but still little) called Tummy's. Only, it's not called Tummy's. My brother & sister & I call it Tummy's but it's really called Johnny's. Only, it's technically called Johnny's Lunch.

Johnny's boasts Texas Hots. I don't know why they're called that. They're hot dogs. Or, tummys.

When you go into Johnny's, get in line to order at the counter. Be prepared to be called Sweetie. The food is made in front of you, but magically, you don't wait long at all. You see people preparing the food in front of you.

If you're getting it to go, they wrap the food SUPERFAST (almost too fast for my camera to catch). Here's how they start:

And a millisecond later, it looks like this:

A very common order is "3 with E", which means 3 hotdogs with Everything. Everything includes mustard, Johnny's sauce, and onions.

Jayme ordered 3 with E and a milkshake.

Jayme likes to add hotsauce.

This is what I like to order:

Here's a closer look:

(L-R, Texas Fries (fries w/ melted cheese, Johnny's sauce, & onions); rice pudding WITH NO RAISINS; a cheeseburger with Everything; and a chocolate shake.)
But what exactly is Johnny's sauce?

Beats me.

Jayme had to finish my fries.

Yummy in my tummy.


Anonymous said...

At first I thought you said Jayme had to flirt with your fries...

I have to admit they look good enough to flirt with.

Hildie said...

I'm in Texas and I have never had "hots" or Texas fries. Guess those are from a different part of Texas. Or maybe it's like French fries from France.

sue-donym said...

Hot & Fast, just like the table said. I can practically taste Tummy's right now.

I am still freaking out how much Bubby looks like James.

Carina said...

Jayme is such a trooper for finishing your fries.

Can you get raisins added (because I want yours)?

QueenScarlett said...

I just love this post... it's like Food Network...making me hungry just watching it all.

Anonymous said...

I am now hungry for Johnny's! You forgot to mention that the scent lingers on you and later smells like BO, but it is delicious enough to overlook all that...

heather said...

oh baby i LOVE johnny's!!! my mom would only transport johnny's in the trunk of the car. i was just home for the 4th but wasn't able to squeeze a trip to johnny's in. thanks to you, i'm regretting it!

~j. said...

cw - oh yes, do flirt. And then destroy.

jennie - yeah, what is a "hot"? I sincerely have my doubts as to whether or not Johnny ever even went to Texas.

sue - yeah, it's weeeeeirrrd.

azu'car - no! you can't get raisins! that's the beauty of it!!

queen - that is such a compliment to me! Thanks!

melissa - I know. I declined to mention the smell. I also didn't include a link to the official Johnny's website because I thought I could do a better job of showing just how perfect it all is (and I think it worked, yumyumyum).

heather - that's so funny, only in the trunk. I'd love to see your professional blog-take on Johnny's cuisine.

Leisha Mareth said...

This, too, reminds me of my Maryland town...except we called 'em "sweatdogs" because the men would line the buns up on their arm and fill them with the dogs real fast like.

Here in Texas, "Texas Hots" are bright red. I'm not sure why. They are, after all, just hot dogs?

Anonymous said...

you forgot the part when jayme was hit by a drunk in the parking lot while riding his huffy.

{natalie} said...

it's funny how hotdogs can make you so happy! i loe the play by play photography. i bet they loved the attention at yummy's

~j. said...

leisha - sweatdogs. Mmmm...

beans - yes, one time jayme and his friends were riding their huffys by tummys and a drunk man ran jayme over with his car, breaking jayme's ankle. This happened the day before my 16th birthday.

nat - I know! I'm always so happy to walk in and when that smell (gross though it may be) hits me...ahhh. I think they get the attention quite often. We weren't the only ones taking pictures.

marta said...

wowza. that looks amazing. makes a pregnant girl dream. am happy to find your blog and learn all about BUSTI. never heard of it before, thank you for enlightening me!