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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

*ding!* turn the page

Post Number Three Hundred. Check Me Out.

I'm sick of it, but with a smile, you know?? It's finally beautiful outside, and I just want to shake it all off and move forward. I like to go outside but get frustrated with not a lot of people to talk with. Today I had a great time with my kids and Sue at Costco -- I love that she wanted to go together. Seriously gave me a huge boost. We saw Wendy. And Natalie. And later I called la yen who knows where to get necessary medical procedures.


I HATE (I said hate) asking people for help, most especially for help with watching my kids because I figure, Who wants to be a babysitter?? Hard thing is, this is the time of my life when I've needed just that help more than ever. I mean, seriously, would YOU want to take along the three that aren't in school while getting an ultrasound on the newborn's hip? Yeah, me neither. Luckily, I swallow my pride, make the phone call, get the approval, and then try to persuade myself it's all okay by punching myself in the face.


Tia came for a week-long visit. How nice it was for both of us. Seriously, if you need to get your mind off of things, come on over. I'll keep you busy.


I got a new toy.



Seriously, what is with the spacing on blogger??


Li'l ~j.: Mommy, I have a question, but I don't mean it in a mean way or anything.

moi: Okay.

Li'l ~j.: Well, it's just that...Mom, why does your belly look like that?

moi: Like what?

Li'l ~j.: Well, Mom,'s not big or anything, but...just...Mom, I'm not saying you're fat.

moi: Okay.

Li'l ~j.: But, Mom, why does your belly look like that?

moi: Because in a span of nine years and six days, I gave birth to six children.

Li'l ~j.: But, will your belly always be like that?

moi: Why do you ask?

Li'l ~j.: Because Shelly's belly doesn't look like that.

moi: I see.

Li'l ~j.: Mom, I'm not saying you're fat.

moi: Uh-huh.

Li'l ~j.: But will it change?

moi: Honey, people's bodies are different. I'm not going to compare myself to Shelly or anyone else.

Li'l ~j.: Because Shelly has a lot of kids, too...

moi: And how old is Shelly's baby?

Li'l ~j.: Four years.

moi: And mine is five weeks. It takes a while. Like if you blow up a balloon a lot of times and then let the air out of it, what does the balloon look like?

Li'l ~j.: Well, kind of

moi: Like my belly?

Li'l ~j.: Yeah.

moi: And there you have it.

Li'l ~j.: Okay. But, Mom, I'm not saying you're fat...


Carina said...

I'm a little yealous of your new toy. But you deserve it because you'll actually use it.

You know I'm here, right?

Anonymous said...

After school is out. The outside walking and talking part. I promise.

And you know it's not really asking for help if someone already offered, right?

Happy 300!

Shar said...

I have a hard time asking for help too. But sometimes, we just need it. Seriously.

I love your new toy.

b. said...

Oh for crying out loud!!!
Let 'em hang out in my office! You've been in there!! TONS of room for them to roam!! TONS!!

Been thinking 'boutchoo.

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

Word to this post.

JC said...

Woo-hoo! New toy! I got the exact same toy a month ago. Tara borrows it on occassion.

tia frijoles said...

Yay for your new toy and I am jealous. It was a great visit and seriously... if you need to get away for any reason, ~j's house is the place to be.

sue-donym said...

Lil ~j, I'm not saying you're in trouble, but your mom just asked me to put together a resume for you so you can get a summer job.

Uhhh yeah, and can you brush their teeth, and they will need a bath and they all like grapes but only if they are peeled.

Costco was fun. Of course I would want to go.

Lindsey Whiting said...

k-I am jealous of your new vacuum, I thought I knew love when I saw mine, but no seeing yours has made me realize mine is just a crush

More Caffiene, Please said...

Love that you're back, love that you got a new toy, love that all us women are in love with the toy that is actually a cleaning device (sad state of affairs as far as our gender is concerned. How did the ultrasound go? How's Bubby?

Leisha Mareth said...

At least she is kind enough to make sure she isn't calling you fat. You have done a good job in instilling kindness.

My daughter recently shouted out, "Mom, I wanna be Daphne for Halloween and you can be Velma, I mean, no one minds if Velma has a tummy and needs to lose some weight..."

(Where do you even find an orange turtleneck sweater and loafers?)

QueenScarlett said...

Missed you!

I love my dyson. The other day it lost suction. *gasp* I called that support number on the vacuum - turns out sometimes the u-bend gets clogged... with crazy stuff. We had a pen and a bunch of boa feathers, bike frilly things the girls like to tear out... I was able to get the suction back with help from the nice support guy. It's silly - but the empowerment of getting it to suck again was heady.


I'm with you on the asking for help... I'd rather ... (fill in the blank)

Lil J cracks me up - she's so curious and so sensitive. I had no idea our bodies did this before I had babies... I sometimes wish I was more prepared. ;-) So hey, you are preparing her.

Wish you were here so we could go see that little movie set in NY with four girlfriends... the one that will make my ward members gasp if I say it out loud. ;-)

Rynell said...

Costco is good therapy. Once I went alone and read an entire book while there. I'm weird like that.

I completely understand how awful it is to ask for help. It freaks me out to ask people to watch my kids for yet another appointment at the hospital. I'm waiting for someone to say..another ultrasound? Are you sure you're not just saying that so you can go to the mall?

Yahoo for the new toy!

TheOneTrueSue said...

I am weeping with jealousy over your Dyson.

I hate asking people to babysit. It feels so intrusive. On the other hand I love it when people ask ME to babysit because I know my kids will be occupied for a couple of hours, at least.

Geo said...


Congratulations on having a body and not apologizing for it.