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Sunday, March 09, 2008


Do you ever find yourself doing something repeatedly, something that makes you cringe because you know you’re doing it a lot, yet you continue to do said thing despite your desire to stop?

I do.

My thing is that I say, “Awesome.”

In my defense, I’ve found that it can be used to express any number of emotions or states of being, sincerely or sarcastically. Here, some examples from my life in just the last week:

~excitement: “She had her baby today? Awesome!”

~relief: “The annual birthday dinner is finally over, and I really feel like it was a success. Awesome!”

~ discouragement: “So, even though her rapid-strep test came back negative, you’re telling me that the lab says she actually does have strep, and that means she’s been at school, contagious, for two days? Awesome.”

~disappointment: “I’ve really been working hard at improving our relationship only to be told that she’s said some really insulting things about me to other people. Awesome.”

~stating the obvious: “Oh, really? We, the all-girl team, won Rock Band? Huh.” (Awesomeness inferred.)

~all-encompassing: “How am I doing?” (pause to think to self: I’m still, and only, weeks away from having my last baby, so I’m very happy and immensely sad all at the same time, and I can feel the depression creeping back into my life. I’ve never been heavier in all my life, my hips ache, my back hurts, I walk like I’m eighty years old, and I can’t sleep. I have the complexion of a 14-year-old which, added to the pregnancy mask phenomenon, is not an easy thing with which to deal; in fact, my face seems to actually be consuming makeup by the hour. My brain is melting into nothing and I have a hard time keeping up with our increasingly busy schedule, my basic day-to-day tasks, and life in general. Oh, and it’s March, so, you know, allergies.) “I’m awesome.”

Still, each time I hear it escape my mouth, I freak out a little inside: “Is that the first time I’ve said that in this conversation? No! I’ve said it already five times! Stop! Stop and say something else! No, just, just…NO! I DID IT AGAIN!” And on and on. But, honestly, with all the bar-lowering going on around here, what else am I supposed to say?


JC said...

You could always throw in a "freakin' awesome" just to mix it up a bit.

La Yen said...

I say it all the time when people ask me how I am doing. Because they don't care, and I can use my DJ Lance voice to make them think I am much more chipper than I actually am.

I have never thought that you said it too much, though.

Please let me know what I can do to make you feel actually awesome.

Shar said...

Awesome. It's a great word. So many ways to use it. I also like seriously. I say it probably 103 times a day. Seriously.

You know what else is awesome? That it is 10:37 PM and my kid is still awake.

TheOneTrueSue said...

First of all, I'm sorry pregnancy is beating you down right now. I hope the last few weeks go by quickly.

Second of all, awesome is one of my favorite words. I know it makes me sound like a teenager circa 1989, but I cannot help myself. Awesom. Awesome. Awesome.


It's a disease, really.

i i eee said...

Awesome is awesome. There's no doubt about it.

My favorite thing to say when I really really like something, is to say that it's all sorts of awesome. It's my favorite awesome phrase.

wendysue said...

See? You've explained exactly how awesome "awesome" is. It just works. So, make it work and be awesome.

sue-donym said...

Just tell me who said insulting things and I will be all over their "awesome" ass.
And the RS dinner really was awesome! I had several people tell me at church how much fun they had.

I am sorry you are not feeling awesome right now. Besides having ababy come out, what can I help with?

QueenScarlett said...

This is why you're awesome.

I think I say dude a lot... I can't help it...and I cringe every time I do...I still remember a "dude" sketch by ... was the garrens? It was funny.

There was this one day when I was teaching early morning seminary and I could not stop using a totally retarded phrase "and all that jazz". It popped out of my mouth I swear...10 x in an hour...and the freshman were staring at me "she is not using that phrase again...there it is..."

I am not good in the morning...early morning.

Sister Pottymouth said...

At least you don't say "gag me with a ________." Awesome is not at all offensive, especially since it can say so many different things.

You, my friend, are awesome.

b. said...

You own awesome, in all its definitions.

I say "same" and "sweet" a lot.

Sorry I missed you the other day. I was in an awesome meeting (sarcasmically-not technically a word, but I like it)

Call me this week and I'll come and be awesome with you.

Bek said...

Wish I could come be awesome with you..

At least you aren't saying "crap" or some other non LDS version of a swear word (um, that would be me).

I know how you feel. I feel like I was sprinting to get stuff "done" and now that it has been 12 hours since it was "ok" to have the baby, I am totally annoyed that I am still pregnant (and I still have weeks to go). I finally grew out of everything and I am bitter that I have to go buy SOMETHING that will fit the next few weeks.

BTW..there is an AWESOME something coming your way...can you resend your addy to me? I know you have e mailed it and given me cards, etc, etc but I can't find ANYTHING these days and am too lazy to try and find it on the email... ;-)

Kalli Ko said...

all of the comments above just add to the diverse forms and many applications of the word "awesome". Please don't stop using it.

I also say "but seriously" about 2 million times per day too many.

Oh well, get over it people.

Anonymous said...

Awesome is cooler than "neat".

Carina said...

I am afraid I am always saying _____ word too much.

Oh well.

C. Jane Kendrick said...

I too abuse the right-to-use the word awesome. It's just a one size fits all kind of word.

But now, thanks to Queen Scarlett, I am going to start using "all that jazz" because it's the new awesome.

Christi said...

This is Yours Truly just FYI. I changed my screen name... Did I miss something? Has the ear test happened yet?

Mr T. said...

Maybe "groovy" will make a come back...who knows?

{natalie} said...

yeah i noticed that about you the first time we met.

just kidding

but you are AWESOME so you can say it a lot. at least it's not, "OH crap!" like my not yet 2 year old.

Jillybean said...

I like Awesome.

I say "cool" way too much. I didn't even realize this until I won a radio contest, and apparently, I said "cool" on the air about 8 times in 15 seconds (hey, it WAS really cool) and my friends who were listening teased me for weeks.

I tried using the word "nifty" for a while, but it just didn't have the same ring to it.

Also, apparently, I use the word "apparently" much too often. I realized this when I heard my children saying it.