Monday, August 06, 2007

what i was gonna

On Saturday, I attempted a BONUS POST.

It didn't work.

Yet, it still got 4 comments!

(Note: I have posted photos of my children, which posts have received 2 comments.)

What I was gonna do was put a youtube video on that post. But it wouldn't work. Adding a video shouldn't be too hard, right? I mean, I make no bones about the fact that I'm not (by any stretch) computer literate, or that my computer is a piece (sorry, Tio -- can I be apologetic AND grateful at the same time?). But adding a youtube video, well, you just copy and paste the embed code onto the html tab, no?


I don't know why it didn't work.

But I'll illustrate what I was gonna do by linking (*yawn*).

I was gonna say, "Hey, readers! Check out this post by Steve!"

And then I was gonna post this video.

And then I was gonna have that song stuck in my head all weekend.


Cardine said...

I tried to post a video on my site a few weeks ago, as well, and I could only get a blank post. I don't know if it's my problem or a problem with blogger.

Yours Truly said...

Now how in the WORLD did anyone ever find the original in the first place? Stuff like that never ceases to amaze me.

beans said...

i saw it on BWE and automatically though of you!