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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Lucky,

I'm sorry to have missed your party. Truly, very sorry -- I even cried about it (I know, I know -- I'm such a baby). But I got there as soon as I could, when I was finished with work. I didn't think you all would have stopped partying by 10 -- my bad. Peef was so sweet, though, and gave me a root beer and a tour of her beautiful and fun home. I love that Peef.

I brought you a gift, which I need to get to you before you leave. I didn't, however, bring any food to share, a Dish-To-Pass, because, as I said, I had gone to the party directly following work. I thought about what to bring, though, and do you know what I came up with?


Do you know why?

Remember the first time we met? I do. It was a crisp evening, and I was tagging along with la yen to your house. "You have to meet my friend Lucky," she said, "she is just all things FABULOUS." And she was right. You are. As we drove to your home in the dark, I remember thinking, "Yikes! That Deer Crossing sign wasn't lying!" I hadn't seen that many deer since I lived in New York. We arrived at your home and we were introduced. La yen was setting up her stamping supplies, preparing for demonstration, and I asked you what I could do to help; in response, you gave me a job to do. I loved that. You didn't say, "Oh, nothing, I can do it," like some other people (such as myself) would do: you let me help. And my special job: making guacamole.

Through the years we had quite a few more laughs. I love your impersonation of Alex Trebek saying "Croissant." And you know I love your pantry -- it's out of this world. We went to a concert last November. You hopped on the The Shirt bandwagon with the rest of us last year, offering the dwindling supply at low, low prices, and you let me put mine "on my tab." And I'm so glad you started a blog. Hooray for lucky's blog! And all the parties you had, in honor of the babies and such...who could forget? Plus, you brought me dinner, and on your Harley -- that stunt earned a spot in The Christmas Letter. And, of course: those who never got to go to Carrabba's with a celebrity such as yourself...well, their loss.

I know what you mean, Lucky, about not liking all the sunshine. It gets to be too much for me, too. I need the cloudy days, and the rain. We have that in common.

Sorry to have missed your party. Not sorry to know you. You will be missed.



La Yen said...

I am visiting Lucky in her new digs in a few weeks! So so so exciting! I will be THE COOLEST girl around after that, you know.

Anonymous said...

With both of you on the too many sunny days.

Missed you at the party. Peef is a fabulous hostess--we should party again chez elle sometime.

I get to go see Lucky in the spring. She'd better have some rain on hand for me.

See you at Macey's?

p.s. Another cool thing about Lucky: she helped me meet one of my goals to do before I am 50. It's a good thing, because I am a lot closer to 50 than you are.

sue-donym said...

sniff. Only the good move young.

Yeah, that was a dumb quote, but I'm leaving it in.

Carina said...

I like that Lucky has a soft heart. Don't tell her I told you that.