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Friday, July 06, 2007

awesome scawesome

From when I had opened my request line, from la yen:

Write about how awesome I am

I've written about my friendship with Jen before: how I met her husband when I was 15; how we built houses next to each other; how she was present at Superstar's birth; how I was at the placement of Jooj. Currently I'm trying to talk her into going to my family reunion in Indiana next year. It goes on and on.

But since today I'm sicker than I've sicked in a long time (post-nasaly crap; I didn't sleep for more than a 40-minute stretch last night; my head is all stuffy and my body is super achey; yuckity yuck yuck yuck -- all on the day I start my new job), I'll just do you all a favor and send you to her blog. More specifically, I want you to see this post.

Holy Mother of Moley.

That's awesome.

Where does she find that stuff??


Tori :) said...

That cake will haunt my dreams...
Hope you get to feelin' better.

Carina said...

Other Half laughed so hard.

sue-donym said...

And that is why we love her.

Feel better!

La Yen said...

It just comes to me--it is a gift.

Man, I AM awesome.

Anonymous said...

Love you--feel better.

Love her--just when I thought I'd seen everything.

(When I come back Saturday night ask me how much I love camping in 104-degree heat with 200 people for my family reunion.)

Sister Pottymouth said...


That is all.