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Thursday, June 28, 2007

from my seester's wedding day

The Junior Bridesmaid gets ready to walk down the aisle

The Bride's Party, complete with Junior Bridesmaid
and two flower girls

Superstar the Flower Girl plays with her
basket of rose petals
during the ceremony

My husband cuddles our niece Ellie during the ceremony


Carina said...

I like those dresses, they're cute.

sue-donym said...

Which one is the drunk brother in law?

Your girls are precious. Where is a shot of you? (besides the one from far far away)

{natalie} said...

so don't you love being the ONE bridesmaid, matron whatever wearing sleeves?????? i do.

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous color of blue. And yes, the girls are so cute all done up, too.

Who was the photographer?

~j. said...

sue -- maybe I'll profile Andrew...or maybe I'll just email some funnies to you. Also, I don't like how I look in the wedding garb: I mean, I like how my hair was, but face it, when you have my figure (which I do), there's just no pulling off a good look. No way.

nat - Oh, I know. Notice that the Junior Bridesmaid also has sleeves...all the girls wanted to be like Mommy.

cw - the photographer was a jackass named Hans. He was certainly no Lucky. We would have been lucky to have Lucky.

QueenScarlett said... pretty.

Anonymous said...

a couple of weeks before the wedding, i though to myself... "what if we just flew lucky out and paid for her hotel room?" i shoulda done it. don't get me started... don't EVEN get me started.

LuckyRedHen said...

LOVE the first picture and would've LOVED to been in NY to watch beans be betrothed :o) I've never BEAN to NY before.