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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Do you ever get the feeling that a friend, or friends, are upset with you?

But you don't know why?

And you want to say, "I'm sorry if I've offended you," but the words seem too trite and you sincerely can't think of what you possibly could have done anyway, and, frankly, you are going through your own stuff so you don't have the energy or desire to open up




Yeah, that's no fun.


Tori :) said...

Does the person read your blog?
I'm sorry- I know the feeling all too well...

Anonymous said...

yes. yes. and yes.

and no. It's no fun.

Cardine said...

Yuck, drama.

pflower10 said...

Just saying it generally makes me feel oh-so-much better, thanks ~j

Just kidding. Yes, that sucks!! I kind of find it very passive aggressive of people to not let you know that they've been deeply hurt or offended and to just hold a grudge. I'd rather have a smack down then that tension.

And I'd like to take this time to apologize for my lame joke at the beginning of this comment and say that I'm sorry for offending anyone with it.

b. said...

If you truly have no idea what it could be, it probably has nothing to do with you and will blow over.

Carry On.

wendysue said...

Hey, I have an idea.. . how about instead of that kind of "can" you just open up a can of Whoop A_ _, and call it a day.

(cuz sometimes that's how I feel in those situations. . .I'm sure it's NOT YOU.)

QueenScarlett said...

I am so going through that right now. My RS Prez is ticked with me for some reason...I have no idea why...but she's passive aggressively letting me know. AND... I have this one friend that is totally giving me the feeling she's upset...with passive aggressive comments... and my hubbie says just let it lay. I don't get it...and it's icky...and I agree energy.

I'm kind of with wendy...whoop a is so much cooler. I should find that graphic my husband made and send it to you. ;-)

La Yen said...

Welcome to El Paso.
How important is it to you to make nice with this person? Because I say just ignore it.

i i eee said...

I'm sure time is all it needs. Personally I've been on both sides -the side where I'm left wondering what I did, and then the side where I'm frustrated over something, and I let little things annoy me, and I get all uppity and stick-up-the-bummy, and I probably don't treat friends like I normally do.

Eventually I realize that I'm taking something else out on another person, who is undeserving of my ill behavior. On the other side of the matter, I conclude I didn't really do anything, so there's nothing I can do to make it better. All I can do is wait. If time doesn't heal petty wounds, than you probably don't need to have much to do with that person anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's after 6pm, what am I? A FARMER?

Tiffany UnTwisted said...

Honestly, maybe i'm a total b but I just can't be bothered by this type of thing. If you're pissed, tell me. If you make me guess, I'll assume you aren't and I won't give a damn if you are because it is seriously not worth my emotional state. I have enough people that I need to guess about (parents, kids, ex, boss) that I don't need to add "friends" to that queue. If you're pissed, tell me. I refuse to incorporate your passive aggressive behavior into my life. You can't hold onto things. If I'm mad at you, I'll let you know -- maybe in a nice way like "you hurt my feelings" or maybe in the reactionary way like "you piece of crap look what you did to me" (which I'll definitely apologize for later and really mean it because I don't mean to be mean) or maybe in some other way, but once it's out there, it's done with and we can all move on. I shouldn't have to constantly think and worry about the status of a friend because inherently the word "friend" says it all to me.

(Did that speech work for you cuz it's pretty much how I live my life? Maybe I'm a freak though :))