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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

turning 30, Act III

I went downstairs, dressed (too) casually (sloppy), and sat down. My next clue:

Sit down on the couch and enjoy your guest
Before you leave on another quest
By the way, here are a few gifts to be opened at different times
Each to be accompanied by more of my rhymes
With each it will be explained, on them you can depend
Many who have responded and to you much love they send
With the first gift, half comes from royalty and and the other half from Clue
If you haven't figured it out by now, think of blogging, open it and you will see who

Queen? Really? Yes, really.

This lovely friend sent a few gifts to my husband's office: Arrested Development Season 3, some guitar pics, and a pic holder. Thank you!!!

Next clue:

Instead of a rhyme

What about a nice haiku

To describe the next

Friends at a distance

Road trip through cornfields, saved you

Lincoln, Nebraska

Well, WendySue! Yes, indeed, she did save me. Had Wendy not agreed to meet me and my girls for a playdate with her girls last summer during our roadtrip, I just might have gone completely crazy!

Thanks for the chocolates!

Another clue:

From Redlands to Wymount and for a few years south of the BYU

We didn't follow after that but still friends true

Wonderful children of similar ages

Who at times you might think need cages

The next is a type of tree
Her name is ________.

Kerri! (For the record, Ker, the kids to be in cages are mine, not yours!)

A beautiful homemade photo holder, for memories of this awesome birthday, as well as a Target gift card. Wow -- it's as if she REALLY knows me.

Thank you so much, Ladies. I wish you could have been here.

My next clue:

It's time once again for another surprise

Hop in the car, put on the blindfold and please, no cries

About 15 minutes is all it will take

But worth it I tell you for with this, something sweet you will make

I refused the blindfold in exchange for a promise to keep my eyes closed. We put Bubby in the van and the three of us drove to Darin's office. Once seated, I kept my eyes closed while he made a lot of unwrapping noises. When he told me to open my eyes, I did.

And we forgot to take pictures.

But it was the acoustic-electric bass guitar and amp that I wanted. Thanks, Mom!

And that was the end of my birthday.

Or so I thought...

Stay tuned, once again, for more birthday surprises to come.


i i eee said...

Holy crap you got a an acoustic/electric bass guitar AND amp?

Oh my Rockin' J! That is soo cool.

Cari said...

I'm still amazed at your perfect birthday! You've got to be the coolest mom with your electric guitar. Pretty darn awesome!

Lyle said...

That is totaly cool. And welcome back.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Way to rock the 30's, my friend! What a great birthday!

i i eee said...

You soo need to post a pic of you and your geetar.

~j. said...

Oh, I will. Not this day, but I will.

Carina said...

I love what a production your birthday turned into, I do, I do.

QueenScarlett said...

Thanks to your hubby for letting us have a chance to participate from afar. You clearly are phenomenal ... look at what your hubby does! You two... are GREAT examples.

sue-donym said...

Is that James? And what the hell is he wearing for shorts? I cant see you for the glare.