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Monday, March 19, 2007

a damn haiku

Where did it all go?
Two whole days to make a post.
Blogger, I hate you.


~j. said...

Before any of you point out the obvious, YES, I know the title should be damned instead of damn. But who says that? I'm not british, and neither are you, so just stop.

dalene said...

All I can say is it happened to me before, too. Twice.

I'm sorry for you. But I'm also sorry for the rest of us who didn't get to read it.


Anonymous said...

Although your picture is beautiful, how about changing it to a "springtime" one. How about some pretty in pink - or something? Just a thought.

Tori :) said...

It's so damned beautiful... ;)

La Yen said...


Anonymous said...

Why don't you put more lambs and chicks on your blog?

Hey Jude! said...

Ha ha.
Yeah, I read your post about Coldplay and Cedar City. And yes, it is true. Horribly true.

~j. said...

Hm. While I know my photo isn't springtime-friendly, perhaps it should be known that I don't enjoy photos of myself. AT ALL. The avatar photo of myself in depeche mode with Amelie, however, is acceptable to me, and so, dear anonymous, it shall remain. Thank you for your suggestion, though.

You, too, dvpd.