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Friday, January 19, 2007

eau crap

This week, both of my cell phones have ended up in water. On Tuesday, the verizon phone vibrated right off of the shelf into my cup. Today, the cost of taking a nap was Superstar pushing a chair up to the counter and playing with cups and water t-mobile phone. *sigh* At least I got the t-mobile phone up and working again. For now.

In other news...

What would YOU sing for your American Idol audition?

Today's Yay: Staying in my jammies and taking a nap.
Today's Boo: Realizing that pizza is a serious enemy of mine.


La Yen said...

Eau. Tee Hee.

I would sing a ballad designed by Cjane.

Or the Rumbly in my Tumbly song from Winne the Pooh.

Or maybe "Aint No Lie Bye Bye Bye" So I can bust out my super sweet dance moves a la Darron.

Carina said...

Havah Nagilah.

or Bohemian Rhapsody, it might be a toss up.

b. said...

I flushed my verizon phone down the eau duh toilet!
I would sing I love to see the temple or wind beneath my wings....which one showcases my range better?

word verify: plopwsh
(the sound of cellphone and water)

QueenScarlett said...

If your contract is up... go to - sign up with a new provider and get a phone for free... or a penny! ;-)

And... well - I wouldn't sing at an AI audition...I know my voice is only for my shower and my babies... but if I was tortured to... perhaps the theme song from Little Einsteins... cuz it won't stop in my head.

YAY for jammies... I swear I spend 99.9% of my life in jammies.

dalene said...

My very first cordless phone ended up in the kiddie pool. Someone really needs to make an affordable waterproof phone.

Pat Benatar's "Hearbreaker."

I miss my jammies.

My boo for the day (I should say BIGGEST boo--it's not been a great day) I got hung up on when I called the temple.

My YAY! for the day--when that about put me under (normally I would've been amused, but it was sort of the last straw today) I called a friend and asked her to tell me all about her pregnancy. She told me about how she's already showing at 11 weeks with a surprise pregnancy (she has 4 girls--three are under 7) and she told me all about being prepared, finding out and telling her husband. I am excited for her!

dalene said...

p.s. Still amused by your title. Clever girl.

Tori :) said...

I think I'd rap "Ice, Ice Baby." Who said white girls can't rap???

More Caffiene, Please said...

I'd sing something from Sir Mix-A-Lot maybe? "I Like Big Butts and I Can Not Lie..."

Sorry about the cell phone - we just had to replace both of ours at the same time. However, yay for T-Mobile's Favorite's plan, it has saved us $40 a month from our old plan. And yay for jammies!

Lisa said...


How can pizza be the enemy? Pizza is always available for you--day or night. Pretentious organic carrots wouldn't just drop everything like that.

~j. said...

lvc - I love pizza. But the last six months or so, it always turns on me. "Check me out! Easy dinner!" it cries. And then I eat it and my stomach wrenches in pain. At first I thought it was a pregnancy thing, but now I think it's a cheese & grease thing. I even took my lactase tablets. Ug. Sometimes it's worth it. Yesterday it was NOT.

queen - AMEN on the Little Einsteins being stuck in the head! I make up words to that tune throughout the day. And the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse -- at least that's done by They Might Be Giants.

luckyzmom said...

I would sing something by the "Platters" with feeling!

wendysue said...

How about from the "silver platters". . .gotta keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dancing all through the night. . ."

or how about "feelings" by Barbara. . .

OR how about LVC and I could sing "Side by side" from the Osmonds like we did at some tryout . . . I think it was in Jr. high? Am I right Lisa??

Geo said...

"Beauty School Dropout"


"Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?"

Emmie said...

"Time To Change" by the Brady Bunch.

kiki said...

I'd either sing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls or scales. I would wear a belly shirt, blue lipstick and blue eyeshadow. I would be in one of the audition shows, and Simon would say mean things. And I would just laugh 'cause "Jokes on YOU, Simon!"