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Sunday, January 28, 2007

don't be fooled

I'm still I'm still jenny from the block.
Today's Yay: I'm going to go back to church today, and I'm taking the baby. We'll see how it goes.
Today's Boo: (see "Today's Yay".)


sue-donym said...

Eh hem. Church? Did I miss someone?

~j. said...

Uh...yeeeeeaaaaaah. Notice I said We'll see how it goes. And here's how it went: D had to go to another ward (yes, folks, it's ward conference time), so that meant me, Li'l ~j., Curly, Superstar (who decided yesterday to start using the toilet, which means a new full-time hobby for me), and Bubby. I arrived at church in tears, couldn't find a parking space (I presume because it was BigGuy's homecoming), immediately went to the restroom to put a diaper on Superstar (because I was NOT going to deal with that on top of everything else), and when we got to the restroom, Superstar peed in her tights. That was it. I lost it, and a nice sister (SB) came in and said, "How are you?" to which I replied, "Not good *sob* I just --- I can't -- it's not a good day. I'm not ready to come back yet. I don't want to be here." I'm sure that's EXACTLY what she wanted to hear, right? So I apologized for unloading on her, and I took my brood and went home. I have no idea who took my class today. I'm just not ready. I hope it doesn't get me fired from my calling, but I really can't yet.

ps - SB came over tonight with a sweet card, bath products and cookies! See how it all works out?

dalene said...

So sorry. That's just awful. It's hard enough going back when there are two of you and you have four hands, but to go back alone and deal with all that?

You are a brave soul.

I say good on SB! Bath products and cookies are the perfect gift after such a day.

Lyle said...

~j- Pioneer women never took a day off [week, month, whatever] after having a baby out of necessity.

You won't get any pressure from me to go back before you're ready...unless your youngest is 18 and you still haven't been back.

Carina said...

Today I nearly threw daggers from my eyes when J told me he was too sick to go, leaving me to wrangle the three year old with the gut that gets in the way of all things. I just have the one, I don't know what my problem is.

Anyway, I went, SMtg went fine. I dropped off El Guille at Sunbeams and promptly returned to the lobby to sleep for an hour. Church went great today!

~j. said...

Thanks, cw & lyle. I appreciate the support. And azu'car -- i love that you slept in the lobby. tee hee!

I've realized that there are a few SBs in my ward, and the SB that brought me the treats is not an SB that I hang out with normally (I hang out with two others more than other people in my ward). For those reading this and keeping score, it's the SB who used to be choir director, who has a li'l one a few months younger than Superstar. She's so sweet.

Bek said...

What is SB? How did I miss that?

It IS too soon. I JUST went back to church 2 weeks ago. It is too much (the potty training alone would have been enough for me to bag least you went..)

I heard you guys had a fun night at the swap. I am going to be there for the Spring swap no matter what!! I want to play......

You are a wonderful mother and great women. You did the right thing...

QueenScarlett said...

Ditto Bek - about you being a WONDERFUL MOMMY.

You poor thing. I didn't even bother going yesterday. I knew I'd lose it with Melia still sick...and I can stroll the hallways just as well at home...but in PJs.

So glad you have an SB... (sister brilliant?? - I am lame with the hip acronyms - never know what they stand for)

So impressed that you wanted and did go...with 4 kids...and a hubby at a diff't ward. WOW.

Honestly - you DESERVE a break. See if the YM can come bring you the's nice to have spirit visit and it's great for them to serve. I like it. ;-)

~j. said...

Sorry, SB are just the initials of the woman I ran into in the restroom. I have two very close friends in the ward with these initials, but this woman, while also my friend, is not either of those two. That's all.

Thanks so much. Queen, I feel horrible about the RSV. Curly had it, and that's the main reason I'm wanting to stay in for the whole season with Bubby (Curly's bday is two weeks before Bubby's, so he's the same age she was when she got it).

bek - the swap was so much fun. I am really looking forward to another, and it will give me time to gather more treasures/crap to trade with people. did no one find the Larry King montage hilarious? I giggled profusely.

{natalie} said...

ummm....we just made it to 3 hours of church and our baby is 8 months old. so yay for you for trying.

thanks for saying hi at the big C made my night.

LuckyRedHen said...

Glad to know you're no longer inactive.

Anonymous said...

RSV is not as bad this year, however there is a new one to stress us out about called the meta-pneumo virus, or MPV. And ROTAVIRUS is still out there pretty thick. Ya did the right thing!